wolves, yellowstone, wolf pack
Jane McGuire
Following Yellowstone's wolves.
Yellowstone Wolf Genealogy
Barbara Lee
The Yellowstone wolf genealogy project.  
Wolf Encounter, Bozeman, Montana
Bob Allen
How the woods became wilder. 
Wolf Genealogy Project, Yellowstone Wolves, Jim Halfpenny
Barbara Lee
The powerful, bison-hunting Mollies and the formidable Druids. The Canyons and their leader, the legendary white alpha female. The Lamars, Junction Buttes, and more. Read more >>
Lamar Wolf Pack, Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Wolves
Corrie Williamson
Tuning in to Yellowstone’s wolves.
Montana Wolfers, Wolf Eradication
Smith, Phyllis
A history of wolf-eradication in the Gallatin Valley. Read more >>
Yellowstone National Park, Canyon Wolf Pack, Montana Elk
Lyons, MacNeil
Canyon wolf pack edition.
wolf, Montana, wolf hunt
Jones, Andrea
Montana's wolf population explained.
Yellowstone wolves, wolves, wild dog, wolf hunt
Slepian, Maggie
The latest on Montana's top dog"The wolf reintroduction has gone so well that, somewhat ironically, the wolves are now threatened by their own success." —William R. Lowry, Repairing Paradise: The Restoration of Nature in America’s National Parks Read more >>
wolf, animals, wolves, Yellowstone
Orville E. Bach Jr.
A close encounter in Yellowstone Park.
Savage, Nicholas
A "courageous" case of mistaken identityI am probably the only person on Earth who can tell a story about smacking a wolf, and still manage to come across as soft. Read more >>
Hessman, Pat
In Montana, the management of gray wolves is right up there with religion and politics on the list of things to avoid discussing in good company. Read more >>
wolf, raven, illustration
Radd Icenoggle
Partners in time.
Gustafson, Sid
We watched the wolves patrol the river outside Bozeman that night a few days after the ice jam gave way. Their moonlit silhouettes shuffled rhythmically against the new-fallen snow. “It’s like a dream,” she said. “Such articulate connection, so rhythmic and real. I count a dozen. Read more >>
Jones, Andrea
On July 12, 2012, Montana’s FWP Commission approved the state’s first wolf-trapping season, which will open December 15 and close February 28, 2013. The Background Read more >>
England, Mike
“Wolves!” It’s the only word Doug can get out. Excited, out of breath, he takes a knee and we all gather round. Between gasps he fills us in. “I went… to take a leak… right over there… there’s wolves… right over there!”  Read more >>
Western, Sally
Looking to get in on the wolf-watching action around Yellowstone Park? Here are some resources to get you started. Yellowstone Safari Company Read more >>
Angie Mangels
Chasing canines with the Yellowstone Institute.There are wolves in the compound.As I step onto my cabin porch during my first night at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch, one of the volunteers tells me he saw one. While I’m trying to decide if he’s joking, I hear the howl. Read more >>
Jones, Andrea
Wolves Back on Endangered Species ListMontana wildlife officials reacted strongly to the August 6, 2010 federal court decision that placed the recovered Rocky Mountain gray wolf back on to the federal list of threatened and endangered species. Read more >>
Frost, Melissa
Listen to Granny
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