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Mike England
The culmination of a good hunt is not the kill—oftentimes, that’s the easy part. Getting the animal home, in good condition, is the real end-game, and often where the greater challenge lies. From field to freezer, a lot can go wrong. Here’s how to do it right. Read more >>
Photo by Lars Scinny
Lance Craighead
For wildlife, they're weapons of mass destruction. 
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the editors
Montana's watchable wildlife and where to find them. Read more >>
mule deer, hunting, species, Bozeman
the Mule Deer Foundation
The deer hunt: it’s a gateway to big-game stalking that comes to dominate the passions of most Western hunters. Read more >>
Lee, Barbara
The red fox's feline traits explained
Need a wildlife guide or naturalist?
Roots, Alex
Montana’s wildlife regulations have been piling up since the territorial legislature first convened in Bannack in December 1864. Read more >>
Flowers, Pat
Montana's Second Wolf-Hunting Season
Leahy, Mike
Winter is a fine time in Montana, not just for skiers, but for wilderness aficionados as well. Elk are in the low country, bison are often on the move, and wolves are visible against the pale palette of snow. And tracks tell stories when animals won’t. Read more >>
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