Northern Goshawk, Montana Raptors
David Cronenwett
A chance encounter with the northern goshawk.
Photo by Lars Scinny
Lance Craighead
For wildlife, they're weapons of mass destruction. 
Steve Hoffman, HawkWatch International, Merlin Birding Tours
Drew Hulse
Q&A with raptor researcher Steve Hoffman. 
Great Grey Owl, Yellowstone Wildlife, Montana Wildlife
Lee, Barbara
The red fox & great grey owl.
Osprey Baling Twine, Yellowstone Valley Audubon
Hopper, Carolyn
Ospreys and baling twine.
Sandhill Cranes, Seasonal mating patterns, birds of southwest MT
Sinay, Ken
If seasons inspire emotion, then spring is the season of love. Read more >>
Bald eagles, Golden eagles, Montana conservation, Outside Bozeman
Baril, Lisa
Renowned wildlife biologist Al Harmata.
Spring migration, birding in Montana, Outside Bozeman
Lea Brayton
Bird migration in southwest Montana. 
Great Grey Owl, Montana Raptors,
Lee, Barbara
Montana's wisest bird of prey.
Hester, Charley
The shadows stretched long as my wife, daughter, and I drove to our friends’ ranch to catch a few fish on the Madison. Getting out of the car we noticed a commotion above us. Three ospreys flew around erratically; then we saw an eagle, and then another, talons outstretched and beaks open. Read more >>
Need a wildlife guide or naturalist?
Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Montana, Raptors
Claire Gower
Montana raptors play copycat. 
hunting, geese, Canada Geese, Bozeman
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
It’s been a bitter winter afternoon near Bozeman, and I’m already fantasizing about a hot shower and a glass of cabernet. Snow has been falling steadily, and a layer of cold fog lays across the countryside like a blanket. Read more >>
duck hunting, ducks, hunting, Bozeman
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
It’s the opening day of Montana waterfowl season on a prairie pothole north of Bozeman. The wind is calm, and the water’s surface offers the perfect reflection of a gorgeous sunrise. Forget the Duck Commander get-up. My “camo” is a plaid cotton shirt and a baseball cap. Read more >>
hunting, turkey, bozeman
Kurt Dehmer
Wild turkeys, not unlike their namesake whiskey, can bring an otherwise sane person to the heights of elation, the depths of depression, or the brink of madness. Read more >>
hunting, huns, Bozeman
Dave Carty
I’d just finished filling the tank in my pickup when I heard the unmistakable chirp of a Hungarian partridge, technically known as the gray partridge. It sounded like the rusty squeak of a gate hinge. Read more >>
Chinese ring-necked pheasant, pheasant, rooster, bozeman
Mark Downey
Chinese ring-necked pheasants are the Cadillacs of Montana’s game birds, and hunting them can be an extraordinary experience. Read more >>
grouse, blue grouse, hunting, Bozeman
Tom Reed
For the elk hunter, the lust for autumnis singular, an inner nagging, a fretting about shooting the bow enough, or practicing calling enough. Read more >>
Missouri Headwaters State Park, Three Forks, Trident-Peregrine
Vickie Backus
Fans of the Missouri Headwaters State Park have more reason than ever to celebrate: there’s a new riverside trail at the par Read more >>
Birds of Montana, Montana Audubon, Montana Birding
Lea Brayton
If you find yourself searching for a comprehensive guide to local birds, there’s no doubt Birds of Montana Read more >>
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