Lorpen Precision-Fit Ultralight

Lorpen Precision-Fit Ultalight

Lorpen Precision-Fit Ultralight

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England, Mike

Two things are paramount in a ski boot: comfort and performance. And the sock you choose to wear affects both significantly. Which is why I’ve switched to the Precision-Fit Ultralight from Lorpen. It’s extremely thin, which offers both circulation (read: warmth) and sensitivity inside the boot. And it’s stretchy and form-fitting, so it never bunches up. Additional features include a mesh instep to reduce sweating, a flat-knit toe seam to prevent rubbing, and lycra throughout to eliminate slipping down the calf. The sock is also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial, so it won’t stink up your ski bag between washings. $19; lorpennorthamerica.com

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