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Here's where you can find out more than you probably wanted to know about the people who keep O/B coming year after year. 

Described by a former intern as "abrasive, egotistical, and borderline psychotic," editor and publisher Mike England firmly believes in the power of negative reinforcement. Read more >>
Growing up in a small Montana town on the Rocky Mountain Front, it was surprising for Chris McCarthy to learn that other people don’t just go out their front door to hike, hunt, or fish.  Luckily he never had to leave the state to learn to appreciate the wonderful opportunities a Read more >>
Not all who wander are lost; however, some truly are! Although Simon Peterson told his family that he moved here to attend MSU, we all know photo editor Simon Peterson moved here to chase the steep and deep. Read more >>
Raised in Maine, Melissa Doar is a lover of the outdoors, hard cider, and sarcasm. Her passions include skiing, hiking, camping, unsuccessfully flyfishing, and taking embarrassing photos of her family. Melissa has 15 years of graphic design and marketing experience. Read more >>
Born in Burlington, Vermont, assistant photo editor Ian Roderer came to Montana to ski and somehow graduated from MSU in the process. Four years proved sufficent to transform him into a bona fide VerMontanan. Read more >>
Kate has been coming and going from Bozeman for nearly 13 years. When she hasn't been here with her family, she's been in New York City studying journalism, D.C. studying politics, and the sand dunes of southern Utah studying the best methods of day drinking. Read more >>
Easily disoriented, often confused, and prone to minor but embarrassing injury, O/B contributing editor Drew Pogge should probably stay inside for safety reasons. Read more >>
Usually found wheezing somewhere in the mountains, Dawn Brintnall is a collector of bruises and a master of none. She has a keen sense for bad puns and is always looking for the next great sufferfest.  Read more >>
An out-of-stater from Colorado, Cordelia Pryor moved to Bozeman to ski, hike, paddle, and occasionally attend classes at MSU. Underqualified and generally incapable, she landed an internship with O/B by some sort of divine intervention. Occasionally, she was a great intern. Read more >>
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