Elk Camp. Montana, Elk Hunting
Jack Ballard
Come fall, many Montana families relocate to their second home—elk camp.   Read more >>
Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Jake Mosher
Memories flow like water after a lifetime on the river.   Read more >>
Black  Bear, Montana
David Tucker
The mountains are full of danger; prepare for risk and reap the rewards.  Read more >>
Mount Wallace, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Paradise Valley
Thomas Turiano
Climbing Mount Wallace. 
Big Hole River, Fly Fishing, Montana
HG Moser
Summers on the Big Hole.  It seems like a lifetime ago.  Read more >>
Portal Creek Trail, Porcupine Trail, Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision
the editors
Bozeman reacts to Wilderness recommendations. 
Illustration by Angie Mangels
Lisa Baril
When John Kemp Starley introduced the modern form of the bicycle in 1885, women’s suffrage was well underway but not yet a national movement. Women still wore binding corsets and voluminous hoop skirts. Nary a breeze would graze their ankles on a sizzling summer day. But the bicycle changed all... Read more >>
Mike Fiebig
50 Years of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  Read more >>
the editors
For these three stalwarts of southwest Montana's recreation scene, building an outdoor community is a labor of love.  Read more >>
Trout, Parks Reese
Greg Keeler
Finding one's place in the grand stream of things.  Read more >>
Black Mountain, Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone, Thomas Turiano, Bozeman
Thomas Turiano
Ascending Black Mountain. 
Jeff Brandner
How one Bozemaniac stepped outside his comfort zone and found more.  Read more >>
Bell Lake, early winter, snowfall
Drew Pogge
Winter's standard-bearer. 
Ted Kerasote, Three Long Seconds, Outside Bozeman
Ted Kerasote
The human mind can process an astounding amount of information in a few short moments, especially when life and death hang in the balance.  Read more >>
Crazy Mountains, Crazies, access, land-transfer, Outside Bozeman
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Suddenly, and with dubious (possibly illegal) justification, we are losing historic public-land access. Read more >>
Bozeman Public Land Advocates
the editors
Local warriors in the fight for public land.  Read more >>
Motorcycle Fishing, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana
Drew Pogge
Backcountry fishing by motorbike. 
CDT, Continental Divide Trail, mountain bike, mountain biking, bikepacking
David Tucker
A lesson in patience on the CDT. 
Bozeman, fly fishing, Tom Reed
Tom Reed
Hope springs eternal in the deep pools of a mountain stream.  Read more >>
Montana Fly Fishing, Yellowstone River
Dan Gigone
It's easier to see clearly when you know where to look.  Read more >>
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