Frost, Melissa
Pursuit of a Unique Quarry
Josh Cavan
As the snow begins to melt and the trees brighten with their spring colors, anglers gear up for some of the best dry fly fishing the season has to offer. Read more >>
Matt Kraska
You can afford to just do it.
Herrin, Nick
A stem turn is a great trick for skiers of all levels. It can be used to help start a turn that you’re uncertain about, or help you catch your balance when the snow conditions throw you off. Read more >>
Ryan Jordan
Going light.
Manning, Jim
The perfect cast, the cutthroat rises to the hand-tied fly, and the battle royal ensues. Such is the drama of fish versus fisher, playing out on countless mountain streams in Big Sky Country through the long, lazy summer and the earliest chills of autumn. Read more >>
Kayser, Mitch
So you shot an elk, ate the backstraps, and made most of it into sausage and jerky. Now what to do with the odds and ends? Sure, you could make them into chili, but didn’t you do that last year? It’s time to expand your culinary repertoire and branch out. Read more >>
Manning, Jim
In the West, designating ownership has always been a straightforward affair: you own it, you brand it. Letters and shapes emblazoned on countless bovine rumps told a rancher what was his—and earned many a careless rustler an appointment with a rope. Read more >>
Carpenter, Brad
Paddling out into a frigid spring torrent strewn with rocks and sucking holes presents a classic test of judgment. How do your ability and experience stack up against the challenge and the hazard? Decide badly, and you may wind up broken or even dead. Read more >>
Kayser, Mitch
Spring is in the air and it’s time to dust off your tent and sleeping bags for a trip to the forest. When getting your gear together, take a second and look in the freezer. I bet you’ll find a duck that you shot last fall or maybe one that your neighbor gave you. Read more >>
Manning, Jim
Whether you’re a saddle-weary cowpoke or a wilderness adventurer, there seems to be one gastronomical truth about the Western mythos of outdoor living: at the end of a long, hard day on the range, the ridge, or the river, no Western campfire would seem complete without its coffee pot, ready to ta Read more >>
Dean Center
Winter driving around the Bozone.
Hostetler, Jeff
Winter in Montana offers some tremendous opportunities for fly-fishing. Read more >>
Kayser, Mitch
The long days of summer are here for us to enjoy... but what to do? Well, load up the car with your camping gear and get out there is what I say. Enjoy Montana for what it is, an outdoor person's paradise. Read more >>
Center, Dean
Bill Johnson just wanted to get his life back on track. After the tremendous high of winning Olympic Gold in the Downhill at Sarajevo, his personal life became a mess. He decided to go back to the beginning, back to the place where he'd felt successful- going maniacally fast on snow. Read more >>
Center, Dean
On belay! More than any other, this brief statement says succinctly and clearly, “I’m properly equipped, I’m in position, I’m prepared, you can trust me.” Read more >>
Jeff Hostetler
Many fly patterns have been designed to work for a specific region. There are, however, a number of flies that cross over between fresh water and salt water. One fly that has been a crossover pattern for several years is Bob Clouser’s Clouser Minnow. Read more >>
Jeff Hostetler
Early summer in Southwest Montana is typically striped with muddy, raging rivers full of the melted snows of winter. Most anglers this time of year seek out tailwater fisheries and lakes. Read more >>
Manning, Jim
Among the original settler folk of the Wild West, women were a demographic in short supply compared to the male cowpunchers, sodbusters, gold-seekers, and adventurers that filtered into the high plains and Northern Rockies in the 1800s. Read more >>
Manning, Jim
Spring is a sometimes season in Montana—sometimes we get it, sometimes we don’t. Such are the vagaries of a mountain climate, where the weather pays scant attention to the astronomical milestones of solstice or equinox. Read more >>
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