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    Fly Fishing, Madison River, Chubby Chernobyl
    Jake Walbridge
    A new spin on a classic fly. 
    Custer Gallatin National Forest, Forest Plan Revision, Public Comment
    Mariah Leuschen-Lonergan
    The public moves Forest Planning forward. 
    Perhaps the most popular O/B contest of all is the Hit List, a roster of iconic Bozeman-area activities and rites of passage. It’s been a few years, so we’re bringing the Hit List back—sort of. For this summer, we’ve compiled ten outdoor activities you should try—or re-try, if it’s been awhile. Read more >>
    Yankee Jim Canyon, Yellowstone River, Paddleboard
    Mike England
    A different angle on a classic summer activity.  Read more >>
    The Lionhead, Mountain Biking, CDT, West Yellowstone, Forest Planning
    David Tucker
    Access to the Lionhead area is the result of a rock-solid partnership between cyclists, horsemen, and the Forest Service, a rare case of collaboration where the results speak for themselves. Read more >>
  • Mouthin' Off

    the editors
    Howdy there, folks. Love your mag — usually great fun and good info. We have a nephew at MSU, so your mag sorta helps keep me and my brother Will in touch with him. However, your summer issue, in our view, was less than the norm. Read more >>
    the editors
    Despite half our staff being females over 30 (and half of those over 50), there’s a contingent of the Bozeman populace that believes Outside Bozeman is put together by a bunch of 20-something dude-bros who do little more than lap Leverich and bomb Bridger between half-stoned pints at the Read more >>
    Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout
    the editors
    Comments from O/B readers.
    rollerblade hunting, Outside Bozeman, Triple Tree
    Rollerblade Recap.
    fly fishing, Montana
    O/B Readers
    Letters from O/B readers. 
  • Season Opener

    Bozeman, Montana, Drew Pogge
    Drew Pogge
    Choosing day by day.   “People are like dice. We throw ourselves in the direction of our own choosing.” ―Jean-Paul Sartre Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    "I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright." –Henry David Thoreau Read more >>
    Mike England
    Because Montana doesn't come free."Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do." –Norman Vincent Peale Read more >>
    Stone Creek, mountain biking, Bozeman
    Drew Pogge
    Remember, you’re here to have fun. Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. —Willie Nelson Read more >>
    Climber, outside, Fear Knot
    Pogge, Drew
    Learning to accept uncertainty. “When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”—Margaret Drabble Read more >>
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    Maybe it started with a hike up Sypes Canyon at dusk, when the clouds seemed to converge over the Tobacco Roots, as if to float just a little longe Read more >>
    Described by a recent intern as "abrasive, egotistical, and borderline psychotic," editor and publisher Mike England firmly believes in the power of negative reinforcement. Read more >>
    Born in Burlington, Vermont, assistant photo editor Ian Roderer came to Montana to ski and somehow graduated from MSU in the process. Four years proved sufficent to transform him into a bona fide VerMontanan. Read more >>
    Eighteen years ago, Andra Spurr made the move to Bozeman from Newport, Rhode Island. Clean air, no traffic or lines, and friendly people made Montana just the place to be. Andra has worked at daily and weekly newspapers and a variety of magazines about everything from gardening to sailing. Read more >>
    OUR PRIVACY POLICYYour privacy is important to us. We protect your personal information, using it only for reasons you agree to, and never revealing it to anyone outside our organization without your consent. Read more >>
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    the O/B staff
    Do you live in Bozeman to spend all your time working, or are you looking for a career that accommodates "sick days" spent on the top of Mount Baldy or fishing the Mother’s Day caddis hatch on the Madison? Not into the nine-to-five grind and need some flexibility in your work schedule? Read more >>
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