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Easily prepared food for the backcountry. Some folks love to make elaborate and decadent meals when they're out in the field. For the less ambitious among you, here are some easily prepared options for your next outing.   Read more >>
Montana steak, beef
Ax, Teresa
Douglas fir cold-smoked tenderloin.You can’t always hop in the car and hit the road for your steaks, and sometimes making beef in-house is the only option. But don’t fret—this recipe will make you the hit of your next BBQ. Read more >>
Steak, Beef,
Tucker, David
Sampling southwest Montana's beef.
Grass-Fed Beef
Barnett, Elizabeth
The skinny on grass-fed beef
camping, breakfast, meals, pancakes, blueberry pancakes
Deborah Katz
Spruce up your campsite breakfast. 
Rabbit Stew, Rabbit Hunting, Montana
Bilverstone, Bill
Cooking cottontail.
Cold-weather comfort food
Dehmer, Kurt
Slow-cooker tactics. 
Kenji J. Lopez-Alt
A tasty fall recipe.
gorp, trail food, Bozeman, Montana
Brayton, Lea
Fuel for the trail.
vegetables, seasonal, winter diet
Walters, Dr. Lou
An omnivore’s delight.
Wild Game, Elk, Antelope, Mule Deer
Helm, Colleen
Pairing fall's harvest.
cooking fish, camp fire, how to cook fish, fishing in Montana
Hill, Ty
Since childhood, I’ve been addicted to fishing: spending the summer casting in ponds, lakes, dirty rivers, small creeks, and irrigation ditches. Read more >>
rafting, bozeman, montana, whitewater
Dehmer, Kurt
Like most fishermen, I happen to enjoy a frosty barley pop while engaging in my favorite pastime. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
The other, other white meat
cooking fish, fish by the fire, cleaning your catch, fishing in Montana
Kuntz, Steve
A guide to gutting your fish
McCarthy, Chris
Have you ever enjoyed a Dutch-oven dinner and wanted to learn to cook one yourself? Well, Carsten Bothe’s Dutch Oven: Cast-Iron Cooking Over an Open Fire (Schiffer Publishing, $30) is the perfect cookbook to get you started. Read more >>
Rolfe, John
Wrapping a trout in tin foil might be nice when you’re out camping, but when you bring your catch home, try something a little more exciting. Read more >>
Kimm, Chad
Coffee is an integral part of life in the outdoors. From simmering on cowboys’ campfires a hundred years ago to the requisite cup before any early morning outdoor activity, coffee has always been there to give us a little extra kick. But why does coffee taste and smell the way it does? Read more >>
Hill, Ty
After you trim the prime cuts off your animal this hunting season, you’re going to have a lot of scraps. In fact, after bagging an elk, you can end up with over 50 pounds destined for the grind pile. What’s the best way to enjoy all this meat? Read more >>
Tomalavage, Jeff
Fall means wild game—and this season, try some fresh, exotic takes on preparing your bounty. Here’s a Mexican dry rub that works perfectly with elk steak, and a Hawaiian huli-huli marinade for your next duck. With these recipes, you’ll never look at big game or waterfowl the same again. Read more >>
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