Outdoor Kitchen

Mike England
A clever alternative to the best trail food ever. Read more >>
Venison Banh Mi, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Julie Mackiewicz & Corey Ellis
A Montanan twist on a Vietnamese classic. After our meat's in the freezer, we all struggle with the same question: now what? There are countless ways to prepare delicious wild game, but here's one you might not have tried. Read more >>
Ground Turkey Kebabs, Bozeman, Grilling
Simon Peterson
Wild-turkey kebabs.  
the editors
Easily prepared food for the backcountry. Some folks love to make elaborate and decadent meals when they're out in the field. For the less ambitious among you, here are some easily prepared options for your next outing.   Read more >>
Grass-Fed Beef
Barnett, Elizabeth
The skinny on grass-fed beef
cookbook, wild game, animals, recipe
Joshua Bergan
In the crowded field of wild-game cookbooks, Eileen Clarke’s Slice of the Wild (Deep Creek Press, 2009) doesn’t immediately Read more >>
patagonia wood burning stove
Mike England
There’s something extremely satisfying about cooking over a natural fire. But when backpacking, there’s generally something extremely inconvenient, too. Read more >>
hero grill outdoor cooking
Mike England
Food cooked over charcoal tastes better—but when floating the river, or out of space in an overloaded vehicle, a gas stove is the only option, right? Read more >>
biotite campstove cooking
Simon Peterson
With the ability to turn fire into electricity, the super-slick Biolite Campstove 2 brings the caveman back to the future. Read more >>
GSI knife set cooking
Melissa Doar
If you’re not a chef, you can now pretend to be, with the GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set. A durable organizing case secures a 6” Read more >>
dutch oven, cooking, campfire
Simon Peterson
Cast-iron cooking over the campfire.
clean water purification guide
Cordelia Pryor
Water-purification options.
chanterelle mushroom foraging
Maria Anderson
Foraging while you play.
running, diet, exercise, vegan
Joe King
A new all-natural metabolic aid.
goose, recipe, food, hunting
Zach Mills
After a good waterfowl season, my and many other Montana hunters’ freezers brim with one of nature’s most versatile foods: the Canada goose. A goose breast is trophy piece of meat, weighing up to a kilogram, with a rich mahogany color. Read more >>
dog, chocolate lab, wild game, health
Zach Mills
Wild-game dog food.
Review: Bevanda Tumbler
Travis Wilson
Bevanda's triple-insulated stainless-steel Tumbler caters to those who need a longer-lasting hot cup of coffee or ice-cold Read more >>
Dawn Brintnall
The best summer cocktails, by location. 
Karen Marshall
Step up your "game" this summer with homemade Big Sky BBQ sauce.  Read more >>
Karen Marshall
Summertime calls for Cinnabar Smoke burgers.Grilling season is well underway, and after an adventurous day in the mountains or on the river, nothing sounds better than the sizzle of a juicy burger on the grill. Read more >>
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