Review: G3 Via

Review: G3 Via Ski Poles

Review: G3 Via

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David Tucker

A day-to-day workhorse, in bounds or in the backcountry. 

In the age of hyper-specialization, I might be an anomaly—I like items that work well in a variety of circumstances. For example, I don't need a baselayer for skiing, one for running, another for biking, and a fourth for hiking. I just need a baselayer.

Similarly, I don't need a set of ski poles for Bridger and another for Blackmore. I need one pair that performs well in both places under whatever conditions either presents. So far, G3's Via model is up to the task. They're aluminum, so they're plenty light enough in the skintrack. But they aren't so light that I forget I'm carrying them, like some carbon models can be. Call me crazy, but I don't mind a little extra weight to remind me of a tool's position in relation its surroundings. Maybe that's why I was never any good at wiffle ball...

The Vias are fully adjustable and come in two lengths, so us short folk don't have to haul around more pole than necessary, helping keep that weight I mentioned manageable. They also come with baskets for touring and baskets for summer trekking, adding a third use to just one product—what a novel concept. The Vias feature a "side-hill grip" about a foot below the main grip for adjusting your hand position in uneven terrain, and removeable wrist-straps for folks who like their shoulders in their sockets. This attention to detail is much appreciated without sliding into the nit-picky realm that can so often afflict product developers. Innovation is important when it improves a product, but not for its own sake.

At the ski area, the Vias are more than tough enough to withstand the Ridge bootpack and laps on PK. 

After two-and-a-half months, I can say that I highly recommend the Vias for resort and backcountry skiing alike, and can't wait to use them on a summer backpack in the Absarokas.


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