Review: Ruff Wear Float Coat

Ruff Wear Float Coat

Review: Ruff Wear Float Coat

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Mike England

Whether you’re running rapids or just getting your puppy out on the water early, Ruff Wear’s Float Coat puts the mind at ease—even as it disquiets your dog, at least the first time you slip it on. But he’ll soon get used to it, and for timid youngsters learning to swim, the confidence boost is invaluable for a long, happy life on the water. For aging dogs with less stamina, the extra buoyancy keeps them in the river instead of on your lap. And for those canines in their prime, pack the Float Coat along for rough sections where a spill overboard might spell disaster. If you’re lucky enough to have one of the few fearless hounds who will happily hit whitewater, the Float Coat is essential safety gear, just like your own PFD. In addition to the hi-vis color and trim, a beefy grab-handle allows you to yank the dog up into the boat or onto the paddleboard—a necessary move and way easier on the dog than a handful of scruff. $80;

Ruff Wear Float Coat Outside Bozeman

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