Buff USA Montana UV Buff

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Buff USA Montana UV Buff

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Pogge, Drew

Sunburn sucks, no matter the time of year, and long fall days on the river can produce epic burns. Luckily, the Montana UV Buff blocks 95% of UV rays—without being stiflingly hot. Thin, breathable Coolmax Extreme fabric wicks moisture effectively, and the stretchy tube can be configured into over 12 different headwear options, depending on coverage and comfort needs. And for a little Montana pride, this model sports an understated graphic of the state seal and “Big Sky Country” motto. Besides sun protection on the river, I used it as a lightweight facemask while cutting cords of firewood, biking in cool weather, and on the ATV, and it was comfortable, convenient, and dried quickly. Available at Bob Ward's, Chalet Sports, and Timber Trails. $23; buffusa.com.

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