POV 1 helmet cam

POV 1 helmet cam

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Cary, Augie

Yup, I was wearing my V.I.O. helmet cam, the POV 1. So yeah, I got video of you biting it really hard. It has a 110-degree wide-angle lens and can mount onto almost anything. The POV was designed with tactical applications and action sports in mind.

The controls are easy to use and simple to manage with bike gloves on, and the recorder is a burly device (waterproof to one meter). The LCD is helpful to check out where the thing is pointing.

The V.I.O. records broadcast-quality footage straight to an SD card (like a digital camera) up to 4GB and can record upward of 40 minutes of video per 1GB (on the highest-quality setting). It also has a loop-record mode that continually re-records over the footage you don’t tag with the wrist-remote/watch-like thing.

The whole setup is really well-designed and easy to use. You can score one of these radical devices at Summit Bike & Ski. $700; vio-pov.com.

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