What You Liked

What You Liked

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Orem, Tina

The slick magazine you’re holding in your hand isn’t the only way to find out what’s happening outside Bozeman—our website has 11 years worth of archived articles about southwest Montana’s outdoor world, as well as a host of other features. (FYI: watch for an even bigger, better website, set to launch later this fall.) Here’s what people are checking out most on outsidebozeman.com.

1. The O/B Photo Contest. Our fourth annual competition brought 2,000 entries from 300 photographers, and after a night of beer-induced tomfoolery—er, a strict and professional judging process—we painstakingly chose the winners.

2. A Trail Wish Comes True. The Chestnut Mountain Trail, a ten-year project that links the Bozeman Pass wildlife corridor, opened last year. Ted Lange explains how to get there and what you'll find.

3. Events Calendar. Print or online, it doesn't seem to matter—our calendar is Bozeman’s go-to list of outdoor-oriented events, workshops, classes, and celebrations. It changes all the time, so be sure to keep checking back.

4. For Goodness Snakes. A continued favorite, this article by Megan Ault outlines the most common snakes in southwest Montana and where to find them.

5. Product Reviews. Our blatantly biased assessments of new gear and outdoor apparel on the market: what we like, what we love, and what the manufacturers send us for free.

In addition to our article archives, we now have a fancy-schmancy digital edition of each issue. You can find it on our website. Here's what's catching readers' eyes:

1. Gear Glut. You love having gear, but you also don’t want your friends to call the Hoarders show and turn you in. Local organizational guru Katherine Atteberry tells you how to keep things under control.

2. How Far Will You Go? This popular contest brings in photos of readers traveling the world. O/B in hand. Every season seems to out-do the previous one, as globetrotting Bozemanites travel ever farther geographically and ramp up their zany antics. 

3. Here's Dust in Your Eye. Estela Villasenor outlines the seemingly forgotten etiquette for driving on dirt roads—apparently we're not the only ones pining away for the calmer, quieter days of yore.

4. Coming Home. MSU student and former U.S. Marine Jacob Henan tells how local outdoor-oriented programs are helping vets find peace after the trauma of combat.

5. Season Opener. An introspective look at the upcoming season. The reaction from editor Mike England, who writes the column, sums it up nicely: “People actually DO read it—holy shit!”

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