Spinning Toward Spring

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I’ve always been skeptical of spinning classes. As an avid cyclist – my real passion is “loaded” bicycle touring – I ride my town bike year-round and I feel that bikes are best ridden outdoors. But, hey, this is Montana, and the fair-weather riding season is admittedly limited. So, in an effort to seek out new and innovative ways of burning calories and getting a good, quick aerobic fix, I found my way to the new Elevate Cycling studio at the corner of E. Main and Church.

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Walking down the stairs (the studio is below Bozeman Running Co.), I met Jennifer Casey, the young, athletic, and personable owner/instructor. She explained that spinning has long been her “indoor workout of choice,” and she thought that people would enjoy the quick and intense workout. She stated her desire to “create a fun, energizing workout to raise fitness to a higher level.” Ambitious, sure, but not unrealistic; my first 50-minute class was a blast – high energy, good tunes, and a stationary bike that tilted from side to side while I rode. The best part? Like everyone else’s, my first ride was on the house.

Elevate’s specialized training bikes – called “RealRyders” – were different than other stationary bikes I’d used. Jennifer explained RealRyder spinning Elevate Bozemanhow these trainers are much more realistic, in that they “mimic a real bike and engage more muscles in your workout.” She was right – during the workout, we “turned” left and right, and while the bike took a little getting used to, afterwards I felt it in my upper body, too – obviously there’s more to this particular spinning workout than just legs.

Intrigued, and despite my initial doubts, I found myself back at the studio a couple days later. My second session was led by instructor Jocelyn Larson, who, like Jennifer, is young, attractive, very fit, and loves the outdoors. When not teaching at Elevate, she’s a personal trainer at MSU and at nights can be found serving at Ale Works. Jocelyn’s workout was somewhat different than Jennifer’s, but maintained that same mix of lively music combined with enthusiastic instruction.

This shared approach seems to have a broad appeal, as participants come to Elevate with a variety of workout goals and fitness levels. Mike, who’s been riding there since December, says he utilizes indoor spinning as a training tool for outdoor riding later in

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the season. “It was hard to motivate and get on my wind trainer at home and come up with the same high-quality workout,” he explains. Michelle doesn’t own a bicycle and comes to spin class merely to increase her fitness level. “I love to hike in the summer,” she says, “and these spinning classes make me ready for even the toughest hikes.” Sarah is primarily a runner who’s glad to have a workout option that doesn’t involve icy sidewalks. “The cross-training helps too,” she says, “and helps keep my running legs fresh.”

Regardless of where they come from or why they’re here, the end result for every rider is that they roast their quads while burning somewhere between 500 and 800 calories. Think about that. And think about the fact that spring is coming, with the promise of open roads and tree-lined trails.

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