Review: Madshus XC Skis & Boots

Brittany Wiser at Bohart Ranch. Photo by Ian Roderer.
Photo by Aaron Teasdale.

Review: Madshus XC Skis & Boots

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Maggie Slepian

A great all-purpose cross-country ski package from Madshus.

Winter can be a grim time for those without the interest or funds to escape to the ski resorts. Luckily, there are plenty of other, more accessible winter activities, and none give you the full-body workout, outdoor invigoration, or convenience of cross-country skiing.


For my outings, I grabbed the Cadenza 100 touring skis from Madshus—a light, flexible ski that flows smoothly along groomed or fresh trails, and has impeccable control and maneuverability around steeper, winding sections of trail. The scales on the base provide grip, and the fiberglass wrap around the air-channeled core delivers both strength and flex, leaving me confident and ready to tackle the next trail. $130;

Madshus Cadenza 100 Ski


No winter sport would be half as much fun without a solid, warm, comfortable pair of boots, and cross-country skiing is no exception. Perferctly matched for the Candenza skis, the Amica 100 boots are everything you want for a day out in the woods: a snug-but-not-suffocating fit, a fuzzy liner that prevents ankle rub, and a simple clip-system for getting in and out of your bindings. These boots have a zippered lace cover that keeps unwanted snow out of the boots, and regardless of how shady or chilly the trail was, my feet stayed toasty warm the whole time. $90;

Madshus Amica 100 Boot

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