Multi-Sport Season, Spring, Bozeman, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Overcoming a case of seasonal schizophrenia.  
Beartooth Pass, Cooke City, Red Lodge, Skiing
the editors
Spring break, Montana-style. When March rolls around, it’s hard not to think of white-sand beaches and umbrella-adorned cocktails. Before you break out the boardies and head for the beach, celebrate spring the Bozeman way—by skiing until May. Here’s how to pull it off. Read more >>
Spring, Bozeman, Montana
Drew Pogge
Free your feet, free your mind.  “Do not judge a person until you have walked a mile in their shoes. Unless they wear ski boots. Do not, under any circumstances, walk a mile in ski boots.” —Mahatma Gandhi (paraphrasing)  Read more >>
Kari Traa Tikse Baselayer
Hazel Alt
Merino wool is the best thing to happen to baselayers since thumb loops, and while loops are handy for avoiding bunched up sleeves and cold wrists, merino's next-to-skin comfort is a real game-changer. Leading the charge is the Norweigian brand Kari Traa. Read more >>
Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing, Snowmobiling
Phil Knight
Winter fun in Cooke City and Silver Gate.  Read more >>
Woody Ridge, Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing
Traute Parrie
Shared joy in the face of risk. 
Saddle Peak, Bridger Range, Bridger Bowl, Bozeman
Alex Marienthal
The lift-accessed sidecountry of Saddle Peak. 
Backcountry Skiing, Big Sky, Yellow Mule Cabin
Jimmy Lewis
Finding clarity in the oft-obstructed views of the backcountry.  Read more >>
Review: Pieps Micro
Mike England
If you’re due—or overdue—to upgrade your transceiver, check out the PIEPS Micro, a compact, easy-t Read more >>
Bozeman, Montana, Backcountry Skiing
Drew Pogge
Change your perspective. “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ―W.B. Yeats  Read more >>
The Blaze, Backcountry Skiing, Madison Range, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
Early-season turns in the Madison Range. 
Avalanche Education, Early-Season, Bozeman, Montana
Drew Pogge
Early-season avalanche safety. 
FlyLow Rainbreaker Review
David Tucker
The packable shell: done right, there's no piece of gear more efficient. It should be lightweight, simple, and functional. Read more >>
Gallatin Range, Forest Planning, Devil's Backbone
Anthony Pavkovich
Across the Gallatin Range. 
Spring Skiing, Backcountry Skiing, Montana
Drew Pogge
Anticipating warm-weather avalanche problems. 
avalanche, accidents, Bozeman
Drew Hulse
Montana’s backcountry is a dreamland for skiers, snowmobilers, and ice-climbers, but sometimes, things go south. Read more >>
Mt. Ellis, Bozeman, Backcountry Skiing
Sam Haraldson
Full-value vertical off Mount Ellis. 
Arbor, Bryan Iguchi, Bozeman, World Boards
Mike Harrelson
What comes down must go up. 
Bell Lake, early winter, snowfall
Drew Pogge
Winter's standard-bearer. 
Bozeman, Ski Bums, Backcountry, Bridger Bowl
the editors
Four fanatics who make skiing a top priority. First chair. Last call. Whiteout. Bluebird. Fall line. Front-side. Backcountry. Read more >>
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