Balega Socks Low Cut Enduro
David Tucker
Balega's updated Enduro line. 
Mount Cowen, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Trail Running, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
Scrambling up the crown of the Absarokas. 
Black Canyon Trail, Eagle Creek, Yellowstone National Park
Anthony Pavkovich
Running the Black Canyon trail. 
Excel Physical Therapy, Running Myths
Megan Peach
Popular running myths debunked. 
Spring Trail Running, The Ridge Run, Devil's Backbone
Zach Altman
Training for summer trail races. 
Ultrarunners, Acupuncture
Angie Kociolek
Ancient wisdom for today’s ultrarunners. 
Fall Running, Bozeman Montana
Kimball, Nikki
Autumn trail runs.
FuelBelt, Helium 2-Bottle Custom Fit
Tucker, David
Staying hydrated on the trail isn't easy, especially in drier ranges like the Bridgers. And since I've been training for some longer distance runs this summer, I've needed to carry water. Read more >>
Trail run, Summer
Tucker, David
Sticking to your routine.
Spring Running Injuries
Lunden, Jason
Preventing running injuries.
Pearl iZumi EM Trail N3, Bozeman Trail Running
Tucker, David
The best part about testing gear in Montana is that you never know what the elements are going to throw at you, and our terrain is so varied that conditions are never certain. Read more >>
Spanish Peaks, Montana Trail Running
Adam Parkison
A notable Spanish Peaks traverse.
Mountain biking, trail running, montana mountain sports, outside bozeman
the editors
It’s a rivalry that’s been simmering since cavemen first carved stone into wheels: runner vs. roller. Read more >>
Photo by Jeremy Thurston
Sheets, Jenny
Top early-season trails
Metrick, Dee
Learning to be a winter bitch in Bozeman. Read more >>
Need running shoes, gear, advice, or accessories? Check out these shops around southwest Montana. Read more >>
Creel, Scott
Trying to pick the best places to run near Bozeman is a little like trying to decide between ice cream and candy—they're all so good! So when the editors asked me which five I thought were the best, I had some thinking to do. Long or short? Hilly or flat? Read more >>
Altra King MT 1.5
Chris McCarthy
Whether the MT stands for Montana or mountain, I feel like the king of both when running in Altra’s Read more >>
Vasque Trailbender II Review
David Tucker
As spring turns to summer, you'd think that trail conditions would become more dependable. But here in Bozeman, especially after our huge winter, we can expect a variety of surfaces all summer long. Read more >>
running, Bozeman, winter running
Savannah Barnes
Know what you're getting into. Bozeman has more than enough trails to keep its residents in shape. Whether you're training for your first half-marathon, for your fifth Ridge Run, or just for fun, there's a trail for that. Here are some local favorites to get started. Read more >>
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