Corey Hockett
Logging miles with a purpose.
simulation, trail running, interactive running simulation
Joe King
Simulated trail running takes stride.
Trail Running, Skunks, Dogs, Bozeman
Joe Younger
Why an evening jog became a mad dash.   Read more >>
Lick Creek, Hyalite, Bozeman, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
Running Hyalite's hidden gem. 
Balega Socks Low Cut Enduro
David Tucker
Balega's updated Enduro line. 
Mount Cowen, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Trail Running, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
Scrambling up the crown of the Absarokas. 
Black Canyon Trail, Eagle Creek, Yellowstone National Park
Anthony Pavkovich
Running the Black Canyon trail. 
Excel Physical Therapy, Running Myths
Megan Peach
Popular running myths debunked. 
Spring Trail Running, The Ridge Run, Devil's Backbone
Zach Altman
Training for summer trail races. 
Ultrarunners, Acupuncture
Angie Kociolek
Ancient wisdom for today’s ultrarunners. 
Spanish Peaks, Montana Trail Running
Adam Parkison
A notable Spanish Peaks traverse.
fitbits, mountains, running, jogging, gym
C. Rusty Lokal
Gymnification of the outdoors. If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Read more >>
Farm 2 Feet, Bozeman, Socks
David Tucker
Socks have become a passion of mine. When I get a pair I like, I obsess. If the model is discontinued or updated, I panic. Read more >>
Review: Scarpa Spin Ultra
David Tucker
I’ve taken to running with cushy-soled trail shoes because the thick foam supposedly helps my achy knees.While I’ve had good results with a variety of models, the large sole profiles can trip me up on technical trails with lots of rocks and roots. Read more >>
Review: La Sportiva TX4
Dawn Brintnall
Climbers are notorious for owning shoes for every condition and climbing style. Read more >>
Review: Altra Timp 1.5
Simon Peterson
Altra’s Timp 1.5 are the comfiest shoes I’ve ever put my feet in. Read more >>
Review: Outdoor Research Airfoil
David Tucker
For years, I’ve done all my trail running in one pair of Nike soccer shorts. High time for an upgrade. Read more >>
M Trail, Bozeman
Scott Bischke
The most popular trail in Bozeman is the M trail. For my wife Kate and I, “running” the M loop takes about 50 minutes. We usually hike the pretty-much-straight-up-the-ridge-for-800-feet route. Once we reach the M, we take a break to catch our breath. Read more >>
Altra King MT 1.5
Chris McCarthy
Whether the MT stands for Montana or mountain, I feel like the king of both when running in Altra’s Read more >>
Passage Falls is the commonly-used name for Wallace Creek Trail in Gallatin National Forest, as well as a continuing trail system in Paradise Valley. The trail parallells Passage Creek and ends at the massive Passage waterfall. Read more >>
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