Birding, Bozeman
Ken Sinay
Adding wildlife to the outdoor agenda. Most folks don’t consider themselves “birders,” but who knows when you’ll be peeing in the forest and you get dive-bombed by an angry bird? Want to know what it is? Here are some birding basics. Read more >>
Spring migration, birding in Montana, Outside Bozeman
Lea Brayton
Bird migration in southwest Montana. 
wood duck, Livingston, Sacajawea Park, Livingston Lagoon
Carol Polich
Sacajawea Park’s winter waterfowl.
Reuss, Dave
Harrison Lake, aka Willow Creek Reservoir, just east of Harrison in the Madison Valley, is now formally an Important Bird Area (IBA)—the 40th IBA in Montana. Read more >>
Smith, Greg
It’s not really spring until the birds return. Read more >>
Mike England
The best base camp for hunters exploring the Fort Benton area is the Grand Union Hotel. Perched on the bank of the Missouri River, this historic inn dates back to the late 1800s, when Fort Benton was the last stop for steamboats traveling into Montana territory. Read more >>
Mike England
Hunting the Coffee Creek BMA.
Angela Kociolek
Birding on the Madison River.
Great Horned Owl
Radd Icenoggle
Having just closed the Jeep door, my eyes haven't yet adjusted to the inky indigo darkness of the March night. There is just enough moon to illuminate the snow with an odd bluish glow. Read more >>
Mike Becker
"One must have a mind of winter," the poet Wallace Stevens says, to “see the nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.” If you hike along the frosty water outside Bozeman this winter, you won't need much imagination to discover lots of bird activity beneath the glitter of the January sun Read more >>
Mann, David
Hiking Montana's mountain trails is enjoyment in and of itself, but when you add the thrill of birding, it takes on a whole new level of wonder and excitement – like turning a lazy, late-afternoon river float into a safari expedition. Read more >>
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