An End in Sight

Montana Legislature 2017, Montana Wildlife Federation

An End in Sight

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Nick Gevock

2017 Legislature rolls along. 

Another busy week for wildlife wrapped up last Friday, and things heated up as legislators heard a bill that would gut Montana’s premier habitat and access program, Habitat Montana. Here is the rundown of last week and a look ahead as we sprint toward the finish line of the 2017 Legislature.

Habitat Montana in the crosshairs
Habitat Montana would be destroyed under HB 651. The bill would prioritize projects that provide access to existing public lands and make it much harder for habitat purchases. It was heard Friday in the House Natural Resources committee and passed out of committee. The bill had no proponents, and numerous conservation and sportsman’s organizations spoke against it, but it still passed.

Contact state House members by calling the capitol switchboard at 444-4800 and tell them to vote no on HB 651 and leave our state's best habitat and access program alone. 

On a positive note, HB 5, which contains Habitat Montana, passed out of the House and moved over to the Senate this week. The bill remains clean, meaning it will restore the ability of FWP to purchase key habitat. We’ll continue monitoring this bill to ensure this key program is fully restored to benefit wildlife, hunters, and recreationists.

Non-resident permits
Another bill, HB 568, would guarantee non-residents a set 10% of special draw elk, deer, and antelope tags. Numbers from FWP showed it would result in 144 fewer deer and elk licenses for residents, including in some really coveted districts, as well as several hundred cow elk B tags. It passed out of the House FWP committee.

State Parks bill dies
HB 454 is one of two state parks bills that would result in major changes in how the parks are run. It would move the department over to the state Department of Commerce. It’s part of this push to get parks out of FWP, but makes little sense. The bill died on the House floor on Friday in a 49-50 vote.

Licensing bills consolidated
SB 119 revamps the categories of nonresident relative of a resident tags that they can get a half price license for. It adds in deer only and elk only, instead of requiring a combination license. It was amended to include half price deer and elk B licenses for nonresident college students as part of a compromise. That helped us table HB 315 and HB 318, both of which would have started to chip away at the hard work done two years ago on the licensing bill that cleaned up all the free and reduced priced licenses.

FWP operating budget
HB 2 began to be heard in the Senate Finance committee. It contains the operating budget for FWP and thus far is pretty much intact. It will need amendments to clean up the use of Pittman-Robertson federal excise tax funds to pay for game wardens. That will have to take place in the Senate.

Looking ahead, wilderness releases and public access
Next week we have HJ 9, the resolution that would release seven Wilderness Study Areas. We also have our roadblocked bill, SB 358, in Senate Highways and Transportation. This bill would bump up the current $10 per day fine for gating a county road to up to $250 per day. It should be another busy week. 

As always, check the Montana Wildlife Federation bill tracker at for the most up-to-date information on bills and where they’re at in the process. For questions, contact MWF conservation director Nick Gevock at [email protected] or by calling 458-0227 ext. 108.

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