hunting dogs, bird hunting, pointer
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
The best part of bird hunting.
running, hunting, runting, bird dog
Chris McCarthy
Strengthening the canine-human bond.
Duck Hunting, Duck Blind, Bozeman, Montana
Gordon "Butch" Lehmann
Three strikes, I'm out. 
Canyon Ferry, Bird Hunting, Townsend, Montana
the editors
Hunting huns and pheasant at Canyon Ferry.  
Review: Hill People Runner's Kit
Chris McCarthy
I wanted a chest pack to carry my .410 pistol while trail running—not for protection, but for mountain grouse my dog and I stumble across. Read more >>
Bird Hunting, Hunting Dogs, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
“Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of its tail.” —Josh Billings  Read more >>
Turkey hunt, standup paddle board
Mike England
A standup turkey hunt.  
Kurt Dehmer
Wild turkeys, not unlike the namesake whiskey, can bring an otherwise sane person to the heights of elation, the depths of depression, or the brink of madness. Read more >>
England, Mike
Fanning out across the field, a dog in front of each of us, we move slowly, deliberately, through the hayfield’s saffron stubble. It’s late morning in the lower Madison Valley; the sky is clear and bright, with a cool, persistent breeze. Perfect hunting weather. Read more >>
shotgun, ammo, bullets, loading
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
Selecting a scatter gun.
pheasant hunting, bird dog, rooster
Kurt Dehmer
The hunt for Mr. Cogburn.
turkey hunting, hunting
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
There's no better motivation than spring turkey season.  Read more >>
Goose Hunting, Hunting Geese, Bozeman, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
The great V in the sky.
Duck Hunting, Waterfowl, Bird Hunting, Montana
Kurt Dehmer
Hunting for Donald and Daffy. 
Turkey Hunting, Montana
E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.
Hunting Montana's most festive bird. As dawn broke on an April morning, the sounds of courting snipe and northbound geese filled the sky, and pasque flowers appeared along the old snow. Somehow, we had all survived another winter. Read more >>
Ruffed Grouse, Bird Hunting, Montana
Mike England
There’s more than one way to shoot a grouse—and more than one type of grouse to shoot at. Here are a few other upland options in the fields and forests around Bozeman.  Read more >>
Sarah Tilt, One Montana, Gallatin Valley, Montana
Anthony Pavkovich
A discussion with One Montana's Sarah Tilt. 
Review: Orvis Upland Softshell
Chris McCarthy
When upland bird hunting, you face a variety of conditions, from open fields to nasty brush. Read more >>
Bird Hunting, Hunting Dogs, Bozeman, Montana
Dennis Glick
Lessons from an old bird dog.  
Blue Grouse Hunting, Bozeman, Montana
Tom Reed
This season, retreat to the high country in search of mountain grouse.  Read more >>
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