La Sportiva Nepal Cube GTX, mountaineering boot
Dawn Brintall
Whether you’re travelling across glacial crevasses or kicking ice in Hyalite Canyon, the La Sportiva Read more >>
Ron Brunckhorst, Mountain Climbing, Southwest Montana
Taylor VanRoekel
Local climbing legend Ron Brunckhorst. 
Wangmo Tenzing
The Reel Rock Tour comes to town. 
Alex Roots
How NOT to climb Granite Peak.
Elers Koch, Granite Peak, Montana
Thomas Turiano
Reflecting on a Bozeman original. 
Outside Bozeman, Hilgard, Madison Range, peaks
Thomas Turiano
Climbing the Madison Range's highest peak. 
Turiano, Thomas
The second-highest point in the Spanish Peaks is neither named nor assigned an elevation on any National Forest or USGS map. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
I am climbing Granite Peak, the highest mountain in Montana, and sweat keeps greasing down my brow and burning into my eyes. I’m choking back vomit and my spine feels like a roman candle, yet wallowing in this abject misery is glorious compared to what happened a few weeks ago. Read more >>
Mike England
Alpine Ice & Rock Guideby Ron Brunckhorst
Thomas Turiano
With its blocky shape, truncated summit, and unique color, Sphinx Mountain has drawn more people climbers to its summit than any other major peak in the Madison Range. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
The Grand Teton is a striking 13,770-foot spire of rock that rises dramatically out of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming. It’s a common destination for Montana mountaineers, and accidents are not uncommon on this classic alpine peak. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
“In life, you only get one chance,” Anker told me, referring to first impressions, experiences in life, and on-sighting routes. Here are a few of Anker's attempts to make the most of it. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
Since the first version was published in 1960, Freedom of the Hills (Mountaineers Books, $38) has been the most comprehensive reference for those traveling into the mountains. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
After one very early morning phone call to cancel our ice-climbing plans (too warm for ice), Conrad Anker and I agreed to meet at a coffee shop and head out to some rock instead. Read more >>
England, Mike
For more technical information about spending time in the mountains, pick up The Altitude Experience (Globe Pequot Press, $23) by high-altitude climber Mike Farris. Read more >>
Kurowski, Becky
First Ascent Press’s latest offering from the vertical world is a detailed topographic map of Granite Peak with numerous route descriptions. Read more >>
Edwards, Becky
Alpine Climbing: Techniques to Take You Higher picks up where many other climbing instruction books culminate. Read more >>
Nelle Thompson
Established in February 2002 by climber Erin Taylor and his wife Rebecca Hoddkin, Montana Mountaineering Association (MMA) is a Bozeman-based nonprofit organization that strives to promote the values associated with mountaineering, rock climbing, and backcountry travel. Read more >>
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