Whether you're a river rat who likes to rage the rapids in late spring, or a casual paddler who prefers a quiet float to soak in the scenery of the fall, southwest Montana caters to canoers of every kind. 

Beaver chew floaters, public land, canoe
Elpel, Thomas
Access conflict on the Jefferson.
canoe, fly fishing, Gallatin River
LaFortune, Emerald
An ode to being broke and fishing anyway. Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Canoe camping made easy
Photo by Mike Cline
Kesselheim, Alan
A month of Mondays on the East Gallatin. Read more >>
Current streamflows for all of Montana's rivers:
Mike England
Whitewater canoeing in southwest Montana.
Jefferson River, Canoe
Dave Carty
Float the summer away. 
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Drews, Debbie
Canoe-paddling basics.
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Krueger, Ryan
The crystal-clear water hiccups on the bottom of our canoes as we push off. At the edge of the Bob Marshall Wilderness, we find ourselves bumping and scraping our way down the Sun River—painting rocks with our canoes as we meander through the brilliant geology of north-central Montana. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Overton, Mitch
The beloved Bozeman summer… are you stand-up paddleboarding yet? Kayaking? Fly fishing? Going to beer and food tastings with other happy Bozemanites? If your answer is no, we can help. Read more >>
Elpel, Thomas
Looking for a quiet fall float and some great scenery? Try the Jefferson River, starting from the Cardwell Fishing Access Site (FAS), 60 miles west of Bozeman just off of I-90 at exit 256. Read more >>
England, Mike
Two solid boats for whitewater canoeing.  
Cain, Dan
It all took place within seconds. Entering a bend in a fast chute of water, the current grabbed the canoe, slammed it into the bank, and started pulling us down. Water poured over the gunnels as the pressure held us tight to the bank. Read more >>
Coble, Melynda
Expedition Canoeing: A Guide to Canoeing Wild Rivers in North Americaby Cliff JacobsonFalcon Press Read more >>
Phil Knight
Paddling Yellowstone Lake.
Knight, Phil
West of the rising moon and east of the Great Divide flows a still-wild stretch of the great Missouri River. Read more >>
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