One-Day Hit List

The Great One, Skiing in Montana, Outside Bozeman
rafting Montana rivers, Outside Bozeman
Rock climbing in Montana, Outside Bozeman
biking Lewis and Clark caverns Montana, Outside Bozeman

One-Day Hit List

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the editors

Multi-sport adventures are a rite of spring in Montana, and as such, we’ve created a contest to honor them. You have from sun-up to sundown to complete the ultimate outdoor experience of your choice, completing a minimum of three activities. You’ll be judged on quality of experience, originality of accomplishments, and efficiency of itinerary. Those are, indeed, subjective criteria, but it’s our contest and we reserve the right to be biased.

Here’s an example: head to Revenue Flats and climb, bike, run, paddle, and fish your way back to Bozeman. Extra points for creativity, and, of course, photos are mandatory.

Head to to upload your photos and an optional tale about your adventure. Winners will be heralded across Outside Bozeman’s multi-media kingdom and have their pick of goodies from the fabled O/B Treasure Chest.

The rules are simple and the options are endless—so break out the map, load up the truck, and get going. All hail the Montana multi-sport!

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