Boating Safety

Canoeing, Capsizing, Self-Rescue
Patrick Hutchison
How to right a capsized canoe. Canoes aren’t likely to tip over, at least when used by calm people in calm water. Read more >>
Wave Train Kayak School, Spring Kayaking
Dave Zinn
Spring paddling safety. 
Current streamflows for all of Montana's rivers:
Muennich, Pete
Spring recreation in and around Bozeman almost always includes some form of water sport. For those of us with a canine counterpart, this can be intimidating, especially when watercraft is involved. Making sure your dog is comfortable aboard your boat is vital to the success of your day. Read more >>
Grenz, Jonas
Any adventure sport is truly about minimizing the risk, focusing on the task at hand, and proceeding to have the time of your life. Proper gear and knowledge are the best ways to minimize the risk, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on the task at hand. Read more >>
Carpenter, Brad
Paddling out into a frigid spring torrent strewn with rocks and sucking holes presents a classic test of judgment. How do your ability and experience stack up against the challenge and the hazard? Decide badly, and you may wind up broken or even dead. Read more >>
Deibert, Mark
Thanks in part to the recent extreme sport craze, whitewater kayaking has evolved dramatically in the last ten years. What was once a relatively unknown sport now ranks high on the list of the most popular adventure activities. Read more >>
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