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If you're the cautious type, lack equipment or experience, or just need a little help finding what's out there, hire a guide. From fishing to biking to backcountry skiing, a good guide can take you places and teach you things that could take years to discover on your own.

Krueger, Ryan
The last time I floated down the Madison, I was waist-deep in water, scuffing along the bottom in an underinflated, sinking kiddy pool. I had on far too little clothing given the circumstances and with both hands full of beer; navigation of such a vessel was simply out of the question. Read more >>
Corinne Garcia
During hunting season in the backwoods of Montana, it’s not all that rare to run into a chick with a gun, or a bow for that matter. Plenty of female hunters stock the freezer, sometimes during years when their husbands come home empty-handed. Read more >>
river guide, rafting, running rivers
Kira Stoops
The benefits of hiring an outdoor guide.
Harris, Jim
A trip with Absaroka-Beartooth Outfitters.
Mike England
"Rivers are highways that move on," observed Blaise Pascal, "and bear us whither we wish to go." If you wish to float back in time this summer, to a place little changed from the days of Lewis and Clark, where the watery landscape resonates with the histories of American Indians, fur trappers, an Read more >>
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