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Ride Swell

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David Tucker

An app for carpooling.

You wake up at 6am on a mid-week powder day. There’s no bus up the canyon and you’re tired of the solo commute, as it’s boring and environmentally unfriendly. None of your dirtbag friends are up yet, so you’re thinking you’re SOL—and before now, you would have been. Introducing RideSwell, a social-networking app for carpoolers focused on recreation. Developed by Bozeman’s own Damian and Tyler Greco, RideSwell connects you to other skiers, paddlers, hikers, or bikers looking to cut down on their carbon footprint, without sacrificing their time outside. The app not only ensures you’ll park in Lot A, it also tracks your carbon savings from shared rides, and pits you against other commuters and carpoolers. The user with the most savings wins gear. RideSwell is part of the RideSwell Project, an initiative the Grecos think can stem the tide of climate change through carpooling. Check it out at therideswellproject.org.

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