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Just because it's easier for guys to pee in the woods doesn't mean we shouldn't have at it too. Here's a section for all the ladies who like to get outside.

Solomon, Morgan
As soon as I put on Aventura’s Greenwood Capris, I fell in love. The spandex/polyester blend follows my every movement, forming to whatever body position I put myself in—no more bunched-up material when I squat or bend over. Read more >>
Miller, Anne L.
Shooting ain't just for the boys.
Photo by Brian Grossenbacher
Cohen, Anna M.
Not just for the boys
Cureton, Caitlin
If there is a fishing trip involved, my husband can wake up at 4am without an alarm like a he’s been lying awake all night thinking of those elusive fish slithering through the river. This is not a passion we share, mostly because my kind of fishing and his kind are vastly different. Read more >>
Illustration by Courtney Blazon
Stoops, Kira
For guys, scars are proof of adventure, daring, experience, and ruggedness—unintended tattoos announcing their manhood. But for ladies, it’s a little different. Our outdoor battle scars are stories—not the kind we brag about, but the kind we retell with plenty of self-depreciative eye rolling. Read more >>
the (female) editors
It’s an admirable title: a true Bozeman girl. After years of careful research, we’ve devised this simple test to see if you qualify as a bona fide Bozeman lady. Each item in the following list gets you one point; add ‘em up then read what it all means at the end.  Read more >>
Tuller, Briggitte
In Montana, attacks on runners and hikers are rare, and most women are assaulted by men they know in places they consider safe—but statistics are no consolation. Read more >>
Garcia, Corinne
There are some places that many women try to avoid, and let’s face it, a locker room full of sweaty guys—along with their stinky, unwashed capilene—is one of them. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Mountain Belles, formerly Team WinS (Women in Sports), have been encouraging women to “adventure together” for almost a decade. Initially, Team WinS sponsored competitive female athletes who did everything from triathlons to figure skating to rock climbing. Read more >>
Martin, Jenna
Back in the day, men had a formidable reputation to uphold. To be a man was to be strong, enduring, and capable of killing an elk with your bare hands. Read more >>
Keller, Sarah
Last fall, I came home from work and was greeted by a couple of bloody guys wielding knives. Our small kitchen was barely big enough for a live elk to stand, but by the time I walked in the door, every surface was covered with parts of a dead one. Read more >>
Sather, Kelsey
There's no denying the humble enchantment of the mock-Bavarian village in Leavenworth, Washington. It's a blatant tourist trap, but a lovely one—fake lederhosen and all. Read more >>
Hopper, Carolyn
This info was published summer 2011. Visit our events calendar for updated events.  Read more >>
Coughlin, Bev
Experience has taught humankind that the most effective control of any disease is to prevent it in the first place. That’s why early detection of breast cancer is crucial for providing the best hopes of prevention and survival. Read more >>
Baumann, Karie
Resurfacing isn't just for roads. Just as spring shows us the havoc winter has played on our byways, highways, and roads less traveled—exposing new holes, ruts, and bumpy terrain—skin shows similar wear and tear, making for a rough go of things. Read more >>
Metrick, Dee
A few months ago, my boyfriend got in touch with his fire-loving inner Neanderthal, and together they went out and purchased a wood stove for our house. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Around Montana, runners, anglers, and cowboys are breaking out their gear to help find a cure for breast cancer—the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women, after lung cancer. In the United States, a woman has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. Read more >>
Warren, Becky
“I call it the ‘Entryway of Death’,” says Lori as she describes the entrance to her house. The Montana native and accounting professional is one of a group coming to be known as "hunting widows"—spouses, usually women, whose partners frequently leave for days or weeks every fall to go hunting. Read more >>
Barba, Katie
If you've had the misfortune of getting tangled up with a woman who isn't outdoorsy, then turn to Laura James’ book, The Girl’s Guide to Camping (Skyhorse Publishing, $15). It caters to the elusive anti-camping woman who fears the outdoors. Read more >>
MacPherson, Joy
It was enough that we pledged to show her dead body to her yellow lab, Shamus. Now we were asked to spread her ashes atop “Lady B.” It’s what lifelong friends must do. Read more >>
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