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Tucker, David

Gear for the 4th.

This July 4, as you celebrate freedom and the rebellious nature of our forefathers, take a moment to consider some liberating gear options. The items listed here will definitely inject life and liberty into your pursuit of summer happiness. 





MSR Freelite 2 MSR Freelite 2 Tent
Nothing is more liberating than packing a bag and heading to the hills. It used to be that your overnight pack weighed 60-70 pounds and left you with welts, abrasions, and a sore back. Now, with lightweight contents like the Freelite 2 tent from MSR, that tyrannical treatment is in the past. The Freelite 2 is everything a two-person backpacking tent should be: light, packable, and roomy enough. Its integrated footprint keeps the floor of your tent dry when the weather turns sour, and the included rainfly doubles as a tarp for dry-weather camping and ultra-light missions. At two pounds, you’ll barely notice it in your pack, and the one-piece pole design ensures the whole system packs down small. $440;

Thermarest Ventana Duo

Therm-a-Rest Ventana Sleep System
While a self-supported jaunt into the wilderness might be one’s idea of freedom, setting up a basecamp filled with amenities is more likely to result in a lifelong pursuit of happiness, through car camping. If that’s more your jam, and you have a significant other who shares your passion (lucky you), the Ventana sleeping system from Therm-a-Rest is a must-buy. Two separate ground pads fold into a sheet that in turn zips into a sleeping bag. Once set up, the Ventana system makes for the perfect cozy cocoon you’ve always wanted. No more sleepless nights crammed into a bag without room for your legs to roam. Plus, the added body heat will keep you both warm without extra layers. $270, plus extra for sleeping pads;

Thermarest Slacker Hammock

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Hammock
If you are setting up a basecamp, you’re gonna need a lounging spot, and where better to drift off into a nap than suspended from the branches of two nearby trees? The Slacker Hammock from Therm-a-Rest puts such luxury at your fingertips, with easy setup, reliable tension, and comfortable materials. Bring it along on your July 4 Weekend camping trip, or on your next trip to Cooper Park—the whole deal folds into a 5" x 5" pocket, meaning it stays in my bag no matter where I’m headed. If you’re headed into the backcountry, don’t leave it behind. The Slacker comes with an optional rainfly and bug net for wilder pursuits. $70;

Balega Proudly American Sock

Balega Proudly American Sock
Plan on burning some calories over the 4th? If so, and running is part of the itinerary, consider the Proudly American sock from Balega. This no-show running sock is made from 100% American materials and produced in Balega’s North Carolina factory. The red, white, and blue design is the only patriotic flare you’ll need this holiday, and once you’re done celebrating freedom, these puppies have the extra padding and durability to cruise right through summer and into fall. $12;

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