Melynda Harrison
Visit this quiet spot for some solitary skinny skiing. Read more >>
nordic skiing, tips
Andrew Morehouse
Tips to enhance your Nordic season.
skiing, nordic, cross-country, Salomon
Mike England
Upgrade your skis—and your skiing—with this high-performance package. Read more >>
Gardiner, Montana, Cross-Country Skiing, Yellowstone National Park
the editors
This winter, Gardiner's got the goods—now is the time to plan your trip.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Cross-Country Skiing, Mountainworks Software
Chris McCarthy
The latest from Mountainworks Software.
Cross-Country Skiing, Hyalite Canyon, Bozeman, Montana
Jenny White
Crossy-country skiing in Hyalite. The ski trails in Hyalite will boast a few upgrades this year, but for those who relish the backcountry feel of this nearby recreational haven, don’t worry. This won’t lead to resort-style cross-country skiing. Read more >>
Lone Mountain Ranch
Mike England
A weekend at Lone Mountain Ranch. 
Cross-Country Touring, Backcounty Skiing, Bozeman, Montana
Mike England
Kick, glide, and drop a knee with this burly backcountry setup.  Read more >>
Lone Mountain Ranch
Melynda Harrison
I’m kicking and gliding along the impeccably groomed Nordic trails at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky. Snow-laden trees line the edge of the trail, threatening to drop gobs of snow; North Fork Creek gurgles near the trail, verdant green moss peaking out from under the snow. Read more >>
nordic, cross-country, skiing, Yellowstone Rendezvous
Mike England
Finding one’s place at the Yellowstone Rendezvous.“You should do the Rendezvous with me,” your sweetie says, before heading up Sourdough for a training run. “I don’t wear spandex,” you retort, as if that settles the matter. Read more >>
nordic skiing, cross-country skiing,
David Tucker
The ascent of cross-country skiing.Push, glide, kick. Push, glide, kick. Repeat. Read more >>
Skate Skiers, Cross-Country Skiing, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Calling out the jerks of winter. 
CrossCut Nordic Center
Taylor Burlage
Bozeman's Nordic center in transition. 
Bozeman crosscountry skiing, xc skiing
Maggie Slepian
Mapping out your XC itinerary. 
dog-joring, Sled Dogs, Montana
Marcuzzo, Tony
Skijoring with canines.
Sauce Chill Toque
Pollastro, Joyce
Baby, it’s cold out there—which is why I’ll definitely be wearing my Chill Toque from Bozeman-based Sauce while ski touring Read more >>
Nordic Skiing, Cross-country Skiing
the editors
A guide to XC skiing.
Nordic Skiing, Injury Prevention, XC Skiing, Bozeman
Lunden, Jason
Injury prevention in cross-country skiing.
Madshus Glitterhind BC Review
Chris McCarthy
I was in search of a backcountry ski package that would be as effective on groomers and packed snow as it would be cutting trail through fresh powder. Read more >>
Bridger Biathlon Club
Hamilton, Felicia
Some combos just seem right—peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Coke, and now in Bozeman, skiing and shooting. This season at Bohart Ranch, thanks to the efforts of the Bridger Biathlon Club (BBC), Bohart pass holders will be able to test their mettle at an all-new Olympic-caliber shooting range. Read more >>
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