Family Time

Turn off the electronics, folks – kids are made to play outside. They often need some help to discover the wonders of the outdoors, and it's our job to teach them. 

Wave Train Kayak School, Youth Kayaking, Bozeman
David Tucker
Getting Bozeman's youth in motion. 
Montana Outdoor Science School, Winter Wildlands Alliance Montana
Augst, Jaime
Winter outdoor programs for kids.
Bridger Ski Foundation
White, Jenny
Getting ready for a BSF winter.
Family time with kids, kids in spring, outside bozeman, 2015
Sheets, Jenny
Plugging kids back into nature. 
Hully Gully, Bridger Bowl, Bozeman
Kirk, Karin
The grownup's guide.
Illustration by Kyle Rothweiler
Mason, Michael
Camping adventures with kids.
Harrison, Melynda
Student stories from Mount Ellis Academy
Kids Outdoors, Outdoor Children, Family Outdoor Activities
Harrison, Melynda
Family time outside.
Bridger Bowl, snowboarding, Montana
Tucker, David
Bozeman’s young rippers.
sledding, Bozeman
Harrison, Melynda
Top sledding spots around Bozeman.
lake fishing in Montana, alpine lakes, fly fishing,
Adelman, Jake
Approaching alpine-lake fishing
kids outdoors, bozeman, summer
Harrison, Melynda
Learning to take it easy
Dr. Daniels, Susan
Most of us who live in Bozeman are drawn to life outdoors, and once we have kids, we’re eager to share the wilderness with them. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
After more than an hour of skiing in the shaded, narrow Spring Creek Canyon, I slid into a patch of sunlight. The snow sparkled with promise of longer days, light reflecting off every crystal. My toes were still frozen and the sun on my boots didn’t help warm them. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
We are fortunate to live in an area ripe with opportunities for outdoor winter adventures, and no sport gets you further outdoors in the snow than cross-country skiing. Read more >>
Curry, Graham
Touring Lewis & Clark Caverns this holiday season. Read more >>
Funke, Don
Mostly what I hunt for is connections. I wander around the mountains, prairies, and marshes looking for something I must have lost. There are connections to the natural cycles of the seasons. There are connections to my hunter/gatherer past. Read more >>
Lewis, Jimmy
For most families, the word “exotic vacation” conjures up images of a luxury resort near an azure sea, sipping tropically themed cocktails on a white, sandy beach. Mom is lounging peacefully on a recliner, Dad is off fishing, and Junior is building a sandcastle. Exotic? Read more >>
House, David H.
“Dad, there’s a rock at the bottom of the ‘V,’” said Jesse, age seven. She knew that we would follow the deeper, glassier water into the steeper gradient. She made sure that we avoided the boulder as well as a likely corresponding hydraulic. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Not a lot of kids can say they outgrew their climbing harness, mountain bike, hiking boots and waders all in the same year. The outdoors are beckoning, and Bozeman kids are flying down the mountain at Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, and Moonlight. Read more >>
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