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Vanlife, Montana, Sprinter Van
Joe King
If millennials have shown the world anything, it’s that people in their 20s really do have it all figured out. One example of this unprecedented generational wisdom is the phenomenon of #vanlife. Read more >>
Missouri River, Tailwaters, Spring Fishing, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Where to fish this spring. 
Bozeman, Montana, Main Street to the Mountains
the editors
Exploring Bozeman by bike. 
bootfitting, boots, skiing
Maria Anderson
Bootfitter Dana Ham on ski boots, footbeds, and Montebelluna. Read more >>
avalanche education, ski safety
Sarah Canfield
My Alpine Education, Part 5: Avalanche Rescue.
Joshua Bergan
Hole-hopping for wild walleyes.
the editors
Livin’ on your edge.
avalanche education, ski safety
Sarah Canfield
My Alpine Education, Part 4: Avalanche Literacy.
David Tucker
Roll a fattie this winter.Maybe it’s the late start to winter, or maybe it’s just that we can’t ski every day of the week. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: we’re craving a two-tire outing. And as it happens, fatbiking is on our Winter Hit List. Read more >>
Danger lurks everywhere in the backcountry, and winter is no exception—but that danger can be mitigated through proper education. Read more >>
Small-town skiing Outside Bozeman
Cordelia Pryor
Take a road trip to one of Montana’s hidden gems. Read more >>
the editors
Ski all day, boogie all night.
the editors
Just outside Bozeman lies the area’s recreational crown jewel: Hyalite Canyon. Read more >>
Josh Bergan
Take an avy-education course in one of the snowiest, wildest, and most beautiful spots around. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl, Backcountry Skiing, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Pre-season ski-area laps. 
Red Rock Lakes, USFWS, Montana, Trumpeter Swans
the editors
Wildlife watching at Red Rock Lakes. 
Upper Madison, Fly Fishing, West Yellowstone, Montana
the editors
Fish the upper Madison, before it’s too late.  When winter reared its head last week, we almost put the rod and reel away. Then, lo and behold, in true Montana fashion, the weather shifted and fall slid back into the picture. Read more >>
Hyalite Peak, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Peak-bagging in the northern Gallatins. 
Elk Rut, Mammoth Hot Springs, Bugling Elk, Gardiner, Montana
the editors
Up close and personal with Yellowstone’s elk rut. Few sounds are as singular as a bugling bull elk. Read more >>
Lockhorn Cider, Bozeman Backyard Blend, Hard Cider, Bozeman
the editors
Turning unwanted apples into unmatched cider. Backyard apple trees abound in the Gallatin Valley. While some fruit gets eaten, dried, or turned into applesauce, much of it goes to waste, or becomes an attractant for deer or bears.  Read more >>
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