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Kit Sawyer
Now that the rivers are coming down, it's time to fish. The waters around Bozeman are still high, but there is fishable water close by. Read more >>
The Montana Wave, Backroads, Montana Highways
Holden Sieler
This summer, lighten up. 
Vanlife, Montana, Sprinter Van
Joe King
If millennials have shown the world anything, it’s that people in their 20s really do have it all figured out. One example of this unprecedented generational wisdom is the phenomenon of #vanlife. Read more >>
Missouri River, Tailwaters, Spring Fishing, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Where to fish this spring. 
the editors
Livin’ on your edge.
Bridger Bowl, Backcountry Skiing, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Pre-season ski-area laps. 
Red Rock Lakes, USFWS, Montana, Trumpeter Swans
the editors
Wildlife watching at Red Rock Lakes. 
Upper Madison, Fly Fishing, West Yellowstone, Montana
the editors
Fish the upper Madison, before it’s too late.  When winter reared its head last week, we almost put the rod and reel away. Then, lo and behold, in true Montana fashion, the weather shifted and fall slid back into the picture. Read more >>
Hyalite Peak, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Peak-bagging in the northern Gallatins. 
Elk Rut, Mammoth Hot Springs, Bugling Elk, Gardiner, Montana
the editors
Up close and personal with Yellowstone’s elk rut. Few sounds are as singular as a bugling bull elk. Read more >>
Lockhorn Cider, Bozeman Backyard Blend, Hard Cider, Bozeman
the editors
Turning unwanted apples into unmatched cider. Backyard apple trees abound in the Gallatin Valley. While some fruit gets eaten, dried, or turned into applesauce, much of it goes to waste, or becomes an attractant for deer or bears.  Read more >>
Dawn Brintnall
The best summer cocktails, by location. 
Karen Marshall
Step up your "game" this summer with homemade Big Sky BBQ sauce.  Read more >>
Karen Marshall
Summertime calls for Cinnabar Smoke burgers.Grilling season is well underway, and after an adventurous day in the mountains or on the river, nothing sounds better than the sizzle of a juicy burger on the grill. Read more >>
Karen Marshall
Bacon, brie & BBQ. 
American Prairie Reserve, PN Ranch, Bike Touring
David Tucker
At home on the American Prairie Reserve. 
Mike England
The enduring appeal of tactical gear.“Most of our movement pursuits originated in basic survival skills, and fighting sits in the heart of it.” —Ido Portal, kinesiology coach, movement guru, and human monkey Read more >>
Ski Tuning, PHD Sports
PhD Skis
At-home basics to kick off the season.  
Whitefish Bike Retreat, Whitefish Trail, Whitefish, Montana
David Tucker
Fall mountain biking in Whitefish. Certain bucket-list items never get checked off. They move from one sheet of paper to the next, always written in ink but never struck through by Sharpie. Read more >>
Moose, Mountain Biking, Moser Creek
Phil Knight
A near-miss with an angry moose. 
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