Mountain-Biking Packs, Backcountry Mountain Biking
Melissa Cronin
On a big ride, there’s a fine line between being prepared and being up sh*# creek without a paddle. I keep the following in my pack, just in case. Read more >>
the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance
As the summer sun beats down, everyone knows to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water—but what about parasites? Those nasty little bloodsuckers are out there, waiting to use your body (and your dog's!) to fuel their own. Read more >>
Sam Roloff
Swiftwater training in southwest Montana.
Running, Night time, Bozeman, safety, lights
Cody Birram
Stay Visible While Running. 
bear, bear safety, grizzly
Mike England
What’s worse than running into a grizzly bear in the wild? Running into a ravenous one. Each autumn, grizzlies enter a gluttonous state called hyperphagia, where they pack on weight for the long winter ahead. Read more >>
Poison hemlock
Whitney Tilt
Avoiding poison hemlock. 
Climber, Allen Spur, Safety
Naumann, Chris
Safety guidelines for climbers.
Wilderness Medicine
the editors
Learning how to properly manage mishaps, address emergencies, and deal with disaster. Read more >>
Cell phone safety, Montana search and rescue
Lee, Barbara
Phones in the backcountry.
whitewater in montana, training on rapids, outside bozeman
Tucker, David
Outdoor-skill development for the season. 
survival, ice, Montana
How to survive a fall through the ice. Read more >>
Grizzly bears, Montana wildlife, Safety in the backcountry, Outside Bozeman
Lisa Baril
Overcoming irrational fear. 
Pogge, Drew
Keeping the bears away
Jones, Andrea
Stealthy, independent, and elusive predators, mountain lions (or cougars) are unique creatures. While highly adaptable to different environments, mountain lions can live just about everywhere in Montana. Read more >>
Winter Running, Bozeman Running Company
Maggie Slepian
Tips for winter running. 
Drew Pogge
“If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.”–Some Lame-Ass Read more >>
McKenna, Marley
“Oh!
Jemma Douglas
A drive through the Madison Valley reveals a charred landscape in place of the trees and natural greenery that most residents remember. Last year a human caused fire decimated the rolling hills surrounding Bozemanite’s favorite floating river. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
Dr. Chuck Jonkel of the University of Montana had tried everything: flashing projectiles, boat horns, even synthetic skunk spray. Read more >>
Savage, Nicholas
In the early morning of July 10, 2010, a sow grizzly and two cubs attacked three people, in three different campsites, as they slept in their tents. Two of the people were injured while the third was killed and partially eaten.  Read more >>
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