skiing, outdoor photography, photography, camera, flat light
Simon Peterson
Flat-light photo tips. 
Ross Peak, Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
A photographic study of Ross Peak. It’s not the highest point in the Bridgers. It barely falls within the range’s ten-tallest summits. But for whatever reason, we’re drawn to Ross Peak. Read more >>
Quake Lake, Kayaking, Birding
Carol Polich
Photographing Quake Lake’s winged citizens.  
Astrophotography, Night Photography, Bozeman, Montana
Ian Roderer
Astrophotography tips. 
Mountain Biking, Photography, Mount Blackmore, Bozeman
Simon Peterson
A case for the photo-hoarders.  “Bad photo editor, bad!”  Read more >>
photography, outdoor photography, ski photography
Simon Peterson
Nailing the powder shot. 
fall, Bozeman, hunting, elk, photography
Brett Seng
Captivating viewers, one image at a time. 
Nature Photography, Photography, Bozeman, Montana
Ian Roderer
Nature-photography basics. 
Foxes, Montana, Photography, Wildlife
Carol Polich
Capturing the kits at play. 
Think you know the slopes around Bozeman like the back of your hand? Got an action-photographer's eye for light and composition? Or just want a crack at great prizes while out skiing and having fun? Read more >>
Spring Photography, Motion Photography
Conor Glesner
Photographing moving objects. 
Fall Photography, Fall Landscapes, Bozeman Camera
Conor Glesner
Impactful fall photography.
Brinno BCC 100 Review
Peterson, Simon
The lightweight and compact Brinno BCC100 time-lapse camera captures and converts thousands of photos into a time-lapse video immed Read more >>
Photo by Meg Sommers
DeWeese, Chelsea
Photographing Yellowstone’s shoulder season. 
bobcat, winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Haring, Mike
Following a photogenic bobcat.
Photography, Landscape, Bozeman, Montana
Ruger, Karen
There's more to photography than point and shoot.The world is filling up with images. Online, in our newspapers and even some magazines, snapshots are the currency of the day. And as more creators enter the pool, the water continues to get deeper—but it lacks clarity. Read more >>
Ryan Krueger
For all you winter photographers, the mountain is your canvas—and when you finally come to a stop and decide to take the shot and capture the experience, here are some things to consider. Read more >>
Dave Reuss
Twelve of us stood huddled by cameras on tripods under the cold sky, lenses aimed into the night. His breath coming out in clouds, our instructor Tom waded through the snow, popping an external flash onto the walls of the log cabin in front of us. Read more >>
Photo by Craig Hergert
Hergert, Craig
With the landscape around us so vast, and a world of technology and information at your fingertips, why constrain your composition to a tiny rectangle in your camera viewfinder? Read more >>
Shertzer, Amy
Where else but southwest Montana do you get jaw-dropping scenery just taking Sparky for a walk around the block? Capturing the magnificence on camera, however, can prove challenging. You might find that, all too often, your images are flat and fail to convey the true glory of Montana. Read more >>
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