First Aid

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What to do when the rattler strikes. 
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For all its rugged beauty, Montana’s backcountry holds its fair share of danger. Avalanches, lightning, frigid water, bears, rattlesnakes… the list goes on. Read more >>
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As with any outdoor activity, prevention and planning are the best safety aids—but mistakes happen. Here are some common hunting injuries and how to deal with them. Read more >>
Wilderness Medicine
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Learning how to properly manage mishaps, address emergencies, and deal with disaster. Read more >>
skiing, blood loss, Montana
Sam Miller
Controlling blood loss on the ski hill.
Pogge, Drew
A first-aid necessity
safety, first aid, running, heat stroke
Jesse Coil
On the look out for heat stroke.
Smith, Greg
It’s a beautiful late July afternoon. You and your best friend are biking your favorite singletrack: the Wall of Death. Out in front, as you maneuver a challenging downhill stretch, you hear your friend let out a yell. You turn around to look and she’s gone. Read more >>
Walters, Lou
Anything can happen in the Montana backcountry. When it does, homeopathic remedies can be welcome additions to the first aid kit: they're light, inexpensive, and effective when correctly administered. As a bonus, you can buy most of the components at health-food stores. Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
Snakes and their bites are the subject of much fear and trepidation. In Montana, over the last eight years, only 45 people have been bitten and no one has died. Inquisitive pets, however, are at greater risk. Read more >>
Center, Dean
The raw truth about blisters.
Dean Center
Prevention and treatment for frostbite.
Juliette Vail
Summer is here, and many of us are getting out and enjoying runs on the many trails in our area. Trail running is a fast-growing sport that allows a runner to enjoy nature while being softer on the joints overall. Read more >>
Dean Center
And how to care for them.
Pilney, Kathleen
A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicineby Eric A. Weiss, M.D.Oakland, CA Adventure Medical Kits, 1997198 pages Read more >>
Megan Ault
As a mother of three nature-loving boys, one of my house rules is "Only one snake living with us at a time." They caught their snake enthusiasm outside, tracking and holding hundreds of garter snakes before we ever bought a snake and let it sleep in one of the bedrooms. Read more >>
Center, Dean
It was just before dark, and the small but feisty native cutthroats were finally starting to feed. They were in a run near the far bank, underneath alders that grew almost horizontally out from the riverside. Read more >>
  • Dogs

    pets, pet safety, winter, frostbite, dog, poisoning
    Dr. Julie Oghigian
    And avoiding other winter hazards.
    Mittelsteadt, Dr. Jane
    Keeping your pets safe this season
    Gustafson, Sid, DVM
    When spring rolls around and Bozeman’s wildlife start to emerge from their dens, your curious dog might get more than he bargained for. Here’s an overview of how to deal with some common springtime hazards.Once Bitten Read more >>
    Gustafson, Sid
    Skis often cut the limbs of dogs who accompany their guardians too closely underfoot. Bleeding can be from arteries, veins, or capillaries. Arterial bleeding is bright red and spurting and is more serious than venous bleeding, which is darker red and seeps rather than squirts. Read more >>
    Coble, Melynda
    If you've ever had to pull porcupine quills out of a dog's face or wondered why your pal won't stop panting and laying in the shade during a trail run, then you need local veterinarian Sid Gustafson's new book First Aid for the Active Dog (Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, $18). Read more >>
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