winter, cold weather tips, night fire
Corey Hockett
Tips on winter survival.By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.—Benjamin Franklin Read more >>
grizzly bear, bear safety, yellowstone
Sierra Larson
Staying safe in bear country.
river crossing tips fishing
Stephanie Schmieding
Tips on river crossings.
swimming dog pet hazards
Dr. Julie Oghigian
Summertime hazards for dogs.
storm, lightning, safety
Julia Smit
How to avoid a lightning strike.
driving, winter, snow, ice, icy, drivers
the editors
In winter, there's nothing worse.
Running, Night time, Bozeman, safety, lights
Cody Birram
Stay visible while running. 
bear, bear safety, grizzly
Mike England
What’s worse than running into a grizzly bear in the wild? Running into a ravenous one. Each autumn, grizzlies enter a gluttonous state called hyperphagia, where they pack on weight for the long winter ahead. Read more >>
Mountain-Biking Packs, Backcountry Mountain Biking
Melissa Cronin
On a big ride, there’s a fine line between being prepared and being up sh*# creek without a paddle. I keep the following in my pack, just in case. Read more >>
Poison hemlock
Whitney Tilt
Avoiding poison hemlock. 
Climber, Allen Spur, Safety
Naumann, Chris
Safety guidelines for climbers.
Wilderness Medicine
the editors
Learning how to properly manage mishaps, address emergencies, and deal with disaster. Read more >>
Cell phone safety, Montana search and rescue
Lee, Barbara
Phones in the backcountry.
whitewater in montana, training on rapids, outside bozeman
Tucker, David
Outdoor-skill development for the season. 
survival, ice, Montana
How to survive a fall through the ice. Read more >>
Grizzly bears, Montana wildlife, Safety in the backcountry, Outside Bozeman
Lisa Baril
Overcoming irrational fear. 
Pogge, Drew
Keeping the bears away
Jones, Andrea
Stealthy, independent, and elusive predators, mountain lions (or cougars) are unique creatures. While highly adaptable to different environments, mountain lions can live just about everywhere in Montana. Read more >>
Winter Running, Bozeman Running Company
Maggie Slepian
Tips for winter running. 
Drew Pogge
“If you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.”–Some Lame-Ass Read more >>
  • Avalanche Safety

    avalanche education, ski safety, bell lake
    Sarah Canfield
    My Alpine Education, Part 6: Avalanche Awakening
    Will Shepard
    My Alpine Education, Part 3: Gearing Up.
    Will Shepard
    My Alpine Education, Part 1: Avalanche AwarenessEditor’s note: This is part one of a six-part series on learning about avalanches and how to keep yourself and your partners safe while ski-touring in the backcountry.  Read more >>
    Will Shepard
    My Alpine Education, Part 2: Choosing a Provider Read more >>
    Avalanche Education, Early-Season, Bozeman, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Early-season avalanche safety. 
  • Hunting Safety

    Shooting, target practice, Bozeman, Montana
    Wendi Urie
    Tips for responsible target practice.
    Maggie Slepian
    It was a clear December afternoon when Linda took Daisy for a walk on a familiar trail. Daisy was sniffing around—off trail but within sight—when she leapt into the air, yelping, thrashing, and biting her front leg. Read more >>
    Ken Sinay
    Like a lot of Montanans, I’ve done my share of hunting—it’s a seasonal tradition, and I enjoy the healthy, high-quality protein I harvest for my family and friends.  Read more >>
    Mittelsteadt, Jane
    There are some dangers lurking in the woods and fields for our hunting companions, and some basic precautions can go a long way to ease the symptoms from any problems your pet experiences. Read more >>
    Muennich, Pete
    For the most part, Montanans are smart and responsible hunters; but some of our gun-wielding visitors aren’t so trustworthy. Here’s how to keep your dog from getting shot at this fall.1.Stay close to your canine. The further the dog wanders, the higher the risk. Read more >>
  • Boating Safety

    Canoeing, Capsizing, Self-Rescue
    Patrick Hutchison
    How to right a capsized canoe. Canoes aren’t likely to tip over, at least when used by calm people in calm water. Read more >>
    Wave Train Kayak School, Spring Kayaking
    Dave Zinn
    Spring paddling safety. 
    Current streamflows for all of Montana's rivers:
    Muennich, Pete
    Spring recreation in and around Bozeman almost always includes some form of water sport. For those of us with a canine counterpart, this can be intimidating, especially when watercraft is involved. Making sure your dog is comfortable aboard your boat is vital to the success of your day. Read more >>
    Grenz, Jonas
    Any adventure sport is truly about minimizing the risk, focusing on the task at hand, and proceeding to have the time of your life. Proper gear and knowledge are the best ways to minimize the risk, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on the task at hand. Read more >>
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