The Lava Lake Trail begins at the Gallatin River, across from the big pull-out at the 35 MPH Bridge. It follows Cascade Creek through a thick evergreen forest, continuing past a few waterfalls to a forest-lined lake surrounded by rock walls and treeless mountaintops. Read more >>
Leverich is a narrow canyon just south of Bozeman that's tucked between the two prominent drainages of Hyalite Canyon and Sourdough Canyon. The trail forms a loop on the canyon walls and follows the ridge overlooking Bozeman Creek and Sourdough Canyon. Read more >>
Dry when other trails aren't, L&C Caverns is a favorite spring ride for singletrack-hungry cyclists. It's good all year, but gets a fair bit of hiking traffic in the summer. Read more >>
A popular dog-walking trail, Mt. Ellis Trail begins by crossing an open field with a gradual incline. At the top of the field, the trail continues up and around the backside of the mountain. Read more >>
Mt. Baldy has several approaches; this is the steepest trail with about 4,300 feet of elevation gain in five miles. From the M trailhead, hike up the M to the ridge. Read more >>
This is a solid point-to-point hike; just be sure to leave a car at the Sypes Canyon trailhead to avoid being stranded. To start, take the left-hand trail from the M trailhead and stay left at the junction... Read more >>
At the mouth of Bridger Canyon is the landmark “M” created by Montana State University students in 1915. There are two routes to the M from the trailhead. Read more >>
Just 30 miles from downtown Bozeman is an off-the-beaten-path hike at a historic Native American site. Trails start in open grasslands, then twist up to the top of the tall limestone cliffs. Read more >>
This popular trail lies at the western base of the Bridgers, and it provides access to several other trails. Middle Cottonwood meanders through lush forest with continuous creek access. Read more >>
Up Hyalite Canyon, this loop follows its namesake creek, which is a tributary of Hyalite Creek. The loop takes you through dense pine, lodgepole, and aspen forests and wildflower meadows, and over the divide between the canyons into Bozeman Creek. Read more >>
New World Gulch is located southeast of Bozeman, branching off Bear Canyon along the east slope of Mount Ellis. The stream-fed gulch is due north of Mystic Lake. Read more >>
The North Cottonwood Creek Trail follows its namesake creek toward its headwaters near Hardscrabble Peak. The hike begins through flat, grassy meadows, then heads up the drainage, meandering along the stream and climbing into the alpine, ultimately connecting to the Bridger Foothills Trail. Read more >>
Just northwest of Big Sky, this loop is a favorite among thrill-seeking (expert) mountain bikers, but North Fork's versatility has something for everyone. The trail follows the North Fork of the Gallatin for the first 3 miles, making for an excellent out-and-back day hike. Read more >>
Ousel Falls is a short but stunning hike in the heart of Big Sky. Along the trail, which meanders alongside the South and West Forks of the Gallatin River, hikers cross three bridges before reaching the waterfall. Read more >>
Palisade Falls is located south of Bozeman, in the Hyalite Recreation Area, just beyond the reservoir. The trail begins at the East Fork of Hyalite Crk., then follows a tributary for approximately a half-mile to a bridge fronting the falls. Read more >>
Passage Falls is the commonly-used name for Wallace Creek Trail in Gallatin National Forest, as well as a continuing trail system in Paradise Valley. The trail parallells Passage Creek and ends at the massive Passage waterfall. Read more >>
Pine Creek Lake is a pristine alpine lake set in a huge glacial cirque on the north slope of Mount Black. The trail is well-defined and meanders through forest en route to the base of Pine Creek Falls. Read more >>
Pioneer Falls is the most popular destination along South Fork Trail that parallels the South Fork of Spanish Creek. The trailhead, at Spanish Creek Campground, leads over a bridge to a relatively flat trail that heads through Gallatin National Forest. Read more >>
Sacagawea Peak is the highest point in the Bridger Range. The mountain can be accessed from the west side of the Bridgers, but the most popular route is the trail from the east, starting from the Fairy Lake Campground. Read more >>
Located southwest of Bozeman, this trail follows South Cottonwood Creek through a dense old-growth forest with lush riparian areas and meadows, criss-crossing the creek along the way. This well-maintained path is great for hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners. Read more >>
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