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Jimmy Lewis
The true force behind ice fishing is that it is better than no fishing at all. –Jim Harrison, “Ice Fishing, the Moronic Sport” Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Even though nearly four million people swarm Yellowstone each year seeking to experience its magic and majesty, a relatively small number leave the roads or boardwalks. Even fewer make it to the remote and fabled Cascade Corner. Read more >>
Greenhill, W. Duke
You awake before the sun, eager and excited to float the crystalline waters of the Five Rivers region in Southwest Montana. You imagine the trout slipping, hiding, and spinning beneath the foam of the Big Hole, the Jefferson, the Beaverhead, the Wise, and the Ruby rivers. Read more >>
Henning, Becky
Do you yearn for a break from the hum-drum, are you aching for adventure? Then come to the river. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging your need for the danger of rapids, or the constant pull of the current. Read more >>
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