rafting gallatin river access
David Tucker
Gallatin access points get a facelift.
whitewater kayaking, kayakers, Mad Mile
the editors
Imagination and actuality rarely align.
Adventure Scientists, Water Sample, temperature sample
Katie Christiansen
According to two years of research by the Adventure Scientists, Gallatin Valley has a plastic problem. Read more >>
Gallatin River Runoff, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
The Gallatin River is our backyard playground—we fish it, paddle it, swim it, hunt it, meander it. Come spring, it’s more dynamic than ever, waking from a season-long slumber, roaring to life once again. Here are some facts and figures about Bozeman’s beloved local waterway.  Read more >>
Mike England
The “No Trespassing” sign loomed large on the dry, cracked fencepost, its black letters cold and threatening. A hundred yards behind it lay the river, calling to me in sonorous tones of riffle and rushing current. Read more >>
whitewater, rivers, bozeman
the editors
3 popular whitewater rivers:YellowstoneMadisonGallatin3 popular whitewater streams:Hyalite CreekWest Fork of the GallatinBig Timber Creek Read more >>
Gallatin River, Fly Fishing, Gallatin River Guides
David Tucker
A mini-vacation along the Gallatin. 
Gallatin River Task Force, Gallatin River
Kristin Gardner
A plan to protect Big Sky’s water. 
House Rock, Mad Mile, whitewater, Gallatin River, Outside Bozeman
Robert Price
Navigating the Gallatin's grandest rapid. 
canoe, fly fishing, Gallatin River
LaFortune, Emerald
An ode to being broke and fishing anyway. Read more >>
Gallatin River, fishing around Bozeman, fly fishing
Kumlien, Kris
Bozeman's best fishing opportunitiesThe Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin are open year-round and offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities. Here’s a rundown of these incredible rivers. Read more >>
Gallatin River, fishing Montana, fly fishing
Jimmy Lewis
A river to wade.
Gallatin Vs. Bitterroot
England, Mike
From the roaring whitewater of spring to lazy, late-summer floats, rivers help narrate the story of Montana. They define our landscape, irrigate our crops, and protect our wildlife; they’re a primary source of recreation and identity; they help sustain our economy. Read more >>
Photo by Bill Bilverstone
Schroeder, Dave
The boat slices through the last standing wave and carves smoothly into the placid eddy on my right. The thrill of the upstream rapids courses through my veins while I slowly spin in the calm water. Read more >>
Bill Bilverstone
Half a mile below Axtell Bridge, as I stalked the wily fall foliage with my Nikon, a fisherman burst out of the brush. Big-eyed and breathless, his creel flopping and waders swishing, he hustled over to me shouting, “Did you see it?” Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
From the Tobacco Roots to the Gallatin Range, the mountains around Bozeman hold stunning alpine lakes perfect for an overnight camping trip—but sometimes, you want to get outdoors without trying too hard. Maybe you got a late start, or you need a stationary base camp for your clan of young kids. Read more >>
Robinson, Sarah
The rugged backcountry around Bozeman compels folks to partake of the fresh air and challenging terrain. Read more >>
Regan, Michael
Rivers largely define Montana's history, culture, economy, character, and natural environment. So what happens when a river gets re-defined by pollution and irresponsible management? Health problems. Degraded beauty. Squandered recreation. Lost economic opportunity. Read more >>
Mike Becker
"Angle for the pond itself," Henry Thoreau advises, "the hook of hooks!" Walden Pond had no silver rainbows in his day, but our beloved clear Gallatin does. And so we fish for fish, though we have the opportunity of seeing the river all the while. Read more >>
Mike England
Exuberance meets caution in the roiling snowmelt of southwest Montana. Read more >>
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