Gallatin Range

Trail Running southwest Montana Bozeman Gallatin
Andy Woodward & August Schield
Traveling fast, far, and on foot through the rugged backcountry of southwest Montana. Read more >>
Gallatin Range, Forest Planning, Devil's Backbone
Anthony Pavkovich
Across the Gallatin Range. 
Mount Blackmore, Hyalite
Joyce Pollastro
Naming Mount Blackmore. At 10,154 feet, Mount Blackmore looms high above Bozeman on the southern horizon. Anyone who has lived in town for more than a few weeks can point to the peak, but few know how the mountain got its name. Read more >>
Approach Distance: 4.5 miles
Hyalite Peak, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Peak-bagging in the northern Gallatins. 
Custer Gallatin National Forest Fat-Biking
Daley, Marna
New options for wide-tired riders.
Ramshorn Peak, Gallatin Range
Tucker, David
Climbing high in Paradise Valley.
Electric Peak, Gallatin Range, Paradise Valley
Turiano, Thomas
Climbing Electric Peak.
Great Grey Owl, Montana Raptors,
Lee, Barbara
Montana's wisest bird of prey.
Hyalite reservoir, fishing near Bozeman, mountain biking trails
Phil Knight
A guide to Bozeman's playground. 
Turiano, Thomas
The second-highest point in the Spanish Peaks is neither named nor assigned an elevation on any National Forest or USGS map. Read more >>
Goodman, Cameron
Winter’s just around the corner, and it’s a given that dedicated skiers in southwest Montana will hunt down a few turns before the season gets started. Read more >>
Stone, Robert
The Porcupine Creek Trail begins near the Gallatin River and climbs nine miles up to its headwaters in Onion Basin at the Gallatin-Yellowstone Divide. En route, the trail gains more than 3,000 feet to the basin and Gallatin Crest Trail along the ridge. Read more >>
Thomas Turiano
After a successful ascent of Mount Blackmore in 1872, members of the Hayden Survey were very intrigued by the craggy gorge at the head of Middle Canyon, which is today’s Hyalite Canyon. Geologist Albert C. Read more >>
snowboarding, avalanche, Mt. Blackmore
Mike England
Avalanches and aphorisms on Mount Blackmore.“If you get buried down there and die,” Kent asks, “what do you want inscribed on your tombstone?” Read more >>
Stone, Robert
The Hidden Lakes are a series of eight high mountain lakes in the Gallatin Range between Bozeman and Big Sky. The chain of lakes, at the base of a ridge, rests at an altitude of 9,000 feet. The Hidden Lakes Trail begins above 8,000 feet and follows a ridge with spectacular vistas. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
It’s springtime in southwest Montana, but for those willing to work for it, ski season isn’t even close to finished. We’ve handpicked a few of our favorite spring ski locations so that you to can enjoy what’s left from a long winter. Read more >>
pierre, Michael
Over the past several years, my friend Ted Border and I attempted to climb all of the named peaks in the Hyalite range. After our successful ascent of Fridley Peak in July of 2005, we felt like we had accomplished our goal. Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Hyalite… the Wild Rockies… land of frozen falls, bristling buttes, U-shaped valleys of glacial grace. We are headed deep into the heart of it, in search of solid, vertical water—also known as ice. Read more >>
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