West Yellowstone

Biking, Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone
Mike England
A weekend at Montana’s outdoor multiplex.  
Two Top Mountain, Snowmobiling, West Yellowstone, Montana
Carol Polich
Exploring a haunted winter wonderland. 
The Lionhead, Mountain Biking, CDT, West Yellowstone, Forest Planning
David Tucker
The Lionhead stands at the center of southwest Montana’s backcountry-biking universe. Ensuring access is a rock-solid partnership between bikers, horsemen, and the Forest Service, a rare case of collaboration where the results speak for themselves. Read more >>
weekender, getaway, southwest Montana
Drew Hulse
West Yellowstone outside of the Park. 
Sarah Encapera
Prevent food-conditioned bruins. 
CDT, West Yellowstone, Mountain Biking
Kelli Sanders
Biking the CDT.
Mike England
The best place to stay near West Yellowstone. Read more >>
West Yellowstone dog sledding
Swenson, Wendy
So much to do, so little time. 
West Yellowstone, Fly Fishing, Old Faithful Cycle Tour
Swenson, Wendy
Small-town vibes with big-mountain highs.
West Yellowstone, Eagles Store, Yellowstone National Park
Hamilton, Felicia
How West Yellowstone was born.
Old Faithful
Slepian, Maggie
West Yellowstone in a day.
Keyes, Fletcher
What happens when you find yourself needing a change of pace, a different outdoor backdrop, or just need to run into some new faces? Read more >>
Mike England
If you’re looking to get out in the Gallatin National Forest but don’t want to pack around a stack of USGS topo maps, keep in mind that modern graphics programs and desktop publishing have allowed some nice alternatives in recent years. Read more >>
Stoddard, Jan
Want to ride like the wind across a frozen wonderland? Jump in the car and head south. Read more >>
Randy Roberson
Every year West Yellowstone welcomes winter visitors from throughout the county and around the world. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
There's a reason tourists arrive in droves come summer: to bug you. Their unscuffed hiking boots mock your hard-won, raggedy Chacos; their souvenir-shop tees proclaim showy affection for the state you love best. Read more >>
Villasenor-Allen, Estela
This past summer, while a battle raged between hikers and mountain bikers over access to one section of the Gallatin National Forest (the Hyalite–Porcupine–Buffalo Horn Wilderness Study Area), a vastly different dynamic took place across the range. Read more >>
Smith, Greg
In Bozeman, truly remarkable landscapes are a fact of life. And, in my opinion, there is no better way to experience them than from the seat of a bike. Read more >>
Patterson, Amber
West Yellowstone has long been famous as a hub for cross-country skiing and hosts two awesome events every year that draw skiers from all over. Closing out the winter tourist season is the 31st annual Rendezvous Ski Race, held March 6. Read more >>
Spurr, Andra
Last February, a motley crew of four couples from the Gold Coast of Florida convinced me that taking a snowmobile tour into Old Faithful was a good idea. Read more >>
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