Three Forks

Copper City, Mountain Biking, Three Forks, Montana
David Tucker
Biking near "Montana's favorite small town." 
DZone Skydiving, Three Forks Skydiving
David Howlett
Freefalling with DZone Skydiving. 
the editors
Amid the sporadic snowfall, spring is doing its best to break in, bringing with it blue skies, chirping birds, and—a few days after each dump, anyway—some dry singletrack. Read more >>
Missouri Headwaters State Park, Three Forks, Trident-Peregrine
Vickie Backus
Fans of the Missouri Headwaters State Park have more reason than ever to celebrate: there’s a new riverside trail at the par Read more >>
Copper City Trails, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association
David Tucker
Bozeman mountain bikers have long craved a three-season destination close to town, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Bozeman’s Tim Hawke, they’re going to get their wish. Read more >>
Three Forks, Jefferson River, Missouri Headwaters
Kurt Dehmer
Close-to-home overnight.
Dehmer, Kurt
One of the most beautiful things you are ever likely to see is a thundering herd of horses raising dust under the azure Montana sky. Just ask anyone who’s ever seen it. Some folks will tell you it’s downright religious, but most lack the words to describe such a sight. Read more >>
fishing, trout, Three Forks
Kurt Dehmer
One cannot mention Three Forks and autumn in the same sentence without conjuring up images of the big brown and rainbow trout that begin their fall calorie glut in the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson rivers. Read more >>
Chaundera Wolfe
Once in a while the bored Montana resident, tired of the same old routine, stumbles upon a hidden treasure—a place that flies below the radar, but holds great tidbits of history and peculiar artifacts. Read more >>
Located near Three Forks, Montana, this 638-acre park features spectacular views over the Madison River Valley.  Read more >>
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