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outside bozeman swag

Show your O/B affinity with our stylish swag!  All items emblazoned with the Outside Bozeman logo. We can't promise you'll make more money wearing this stuff, but we guarantee that at least 10 people will find you more attractive.

Whether you're getting up early to catch first tracks or just going into the office, Outside Bozeman's Adventure Blend will start your day off right. Read more >>
O/B coffee mug. If you don't drink coffee, something's wrong with you. No? Then why are you looking at this page? You want coffee, just like the rest of us. Buy the mug, fill 'er up, and never look back. Read more >>
Old Bozeman is gone, and gone forever. But New Bozeman ain't so bad.More on that here. Read more >>
Great coffee doesn't come with sugary syrups and whipped cream, and definitely shouldn't be served in a cute little cardboard cup. This is Montana, by God, and we take our java strong, fresh, locally-roasted, and in a great mug – the way it was meant to be. Read more >>
You need an O/B water bottle for your outdoor adventures. And the fact that it is not only BPA-free, but gluten-free, low-carb, and under 100 calories per serving... well, that's just an added benefit. Clip an O/B carabiner on the sucker and bring all 20 oz. Read more >>
O/B pint glass. 16 ounces of empty space, waiting for you to pour in a frothy microbrew (or PBR, we're not snooty) and tip it back. With each sip your fish will get bigger, your ski jump taller, your trail run longer. Drink and embellish your outdoor tales, we won't tell. Read more >>
Men's tee shirt. Has "Outside Bozeman" compass logo on the front in black & white; compass logo on back in black & white. Thick, comfortable cotton in classic white or earthy green. Read more >>
Women's fitted tee. Has "Outside Bozeman" banner on the front and O/B compass logo on back. Two color options: Read more >>
Women's O/B v-neck tee shirt. Has "Outside Bozeman" banner on the front in black. Color compass logo on back. Comfortable and classic white, goes with everything. Wear it on your outdoor adventures and you'll hike farther, climb higher, bike faster, and look damn sexy doing it. Read more >>
Kid's O/B tee shirt. Has "Outside Bozeman" banner on the front in color and color compass logo on back. Comfortable and classic white, goes with everything. Great for the active little people in your life. Read more >>
O/B t-shirt for babies. Reads "Outside Bozeman is my bedtime story" on the front; nothing on back. Great nightshirt for the young'uns. Could also be worn by insecure gym rats to make their torsos look bigger, while appearing sensitive and vulnerable to attractive female members. Read more >>
Cast Fishing Guide ball cap with nylon mesh back. Logo on front. Garment-washed cotton twill. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman Winter Chill Toque from Sauce Headwear with a Polartec Power Stretch fleece-lined interior. Read more >>
O/B ball cap with mesh back. Banner logo on front; white mesh on back (fisherman, not Britney Spears-Ed Hardy). Soft cotton. Solid dark blue or green. One size fits all. Unless you're Andre the Giant or Beetlejuice after the headhunter curse. Or Alec Baldwin. Read more >>
Get these greeting cards with images of O/B's Annual Photo Contest entries from over the years and send salutations from southwest Montana with style. Read more >>
O/B bottle opener keychain. Use it to open beers on the river and impress your friends. Here's a trick: surreptitiously crack the top with your O/B opener, then put the bottle in your mouth and pretend to open it with your teeth. Everyone will bow before you. Read more >>
O/B carabiner keychain. This will become your favorite keychain ever. Clip your keys to your undercarriage at the trailhead or take-out and never again worry about losing them in the woods. In a pinch (ha), they'll work as impromptu earrings. Read more >>
O/B fly box with five Montana flies. No, they're not the best flies in the world, but they're not the worst either. Besides, the box is what you're really after. Makes a great holder for change, paper clips, buttons, and all kinds of other items. Read more >>
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