Imperiled Cutthroat Book, Yellowstone Cutthroat
Brayton, Lea
Australian writer and legendary fisherman Greg French lays it all out for us in his new book Read more >>
rainbow trout, catch and release, Montana trout fishing
Gough, Fran
Life and (nearly) death in a trout stream. Read more >>
Cutthroat in  Montana NP
Emerald LaFortune
Restoring a Yellowstone native. 
Cutthroat, trout behavior, fish and wildlife, yellowstone national park
Jones, Andrea
Trout behavior explained. 
Brown Trout, fishing in Montana, fly fishing
Kehler, Art
A foe not soon forgotten.
fly-fishing, bozeman montana, first fish, trout
England, Mike
Two memories often percolate through the stratified bedrock of my accumulated fishing experiences, seeping into consciousness cold and clear like a mountain spring. Read more >>
brown fish, fishing story, fishing in Montana, trout
Reed, Tom
August, that thick season of harvest and summer fading in a series of hot days, a time of sunburn and sweat. Read more >>
fly fishing, Montana hatches, bug hatches, fishing in Montana
Jake Adelman
When to fish what in southwest Montana.Figuring out what the fish are eating is one of the hardest parts of fly fishing. Here’s a look at the best hatches around southwest Montana. Read more >>
Rainbow Trout, trout, fishing Montana, Montana fish, Oncorhynchus mykiss
Ken Sinay
A rundown of Montana's trout. 
Jack B. Jelinski
Wherein an experienced and erudite fisherman shares his wisdom from over 60 years on the water, which is essentially this: lose the attitude, pal, and eat a damn fish once in a while. Read more >>
Adelman, Jake
Trout are surprisingly sensitive fish. Oftentimes, trout are released by anglers who believe the fish is fine—when in fact it will die within a day or two due to the stress and exhaustion of the catch. Read more >>
Keyes, Fletcher
Every Montana angler with a conscience should keep in mind that fishing is a brutal sport. Read more >>
Frost, Melissa
Listen to Granny
Lake trout eradication Yellowstone
Kim Thielman-Ibes
As Captain Phil maneuvered the gillnetting boat out from the docks and into the deep 66-degree frigid waters of Yellowstone Lake, Pat Bigelow, fisheries biologist for the park, explained our duties on board. Read more >>
Brian Maffly
In the years that rainbow trout have repopulated the Madison River since the whirling disease die-off in the mid-1990s, Dick Vincent has noticed something very curious and troubling. Few of the Madison’s rainbows survive into their third year, and growth rates are down about 30 percent. Read more >>
Keeler, Greg
You were here first.I can see why in the way the rivers don't rob you of what the streams gave.The dim rosettes on your sides live behind your spotsin another timeas if Lewis and Clark were still planning to meet near Read more >>
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