Review: Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro

Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro Review

Review: Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro

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Angie Mangels

It felt like Christmas came early when I opened Lezyne’s well-designed Port-a-Shop Pro toolkit; it’s a beautiful, classic-looking set that anyone would be proud to own. Whether you’re a bike mechanic, a DIYer, or on a road-trip, this is the tool kit for you.

It contains all the tools you’ll need for at-home repairs, and it comes in a rock-solid case that holds everything in place. It even includes an additional compartment area to one side that allows you to store extra tools.

And as an added bonus, several of the tools, like the pedal rod, contain bottle openers to make sure you can keep drinking beer while wrenching on your bikes.

The set has already come in handy for swapping out cassettes, and I’m really looking forward to using it to start on a bike build this winter.


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