FlyLow IQ Pant

FlyLow IQ Pant Review

FlyLow IQ Pant

Tucker, David
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Come winter, I wear my ski pants more than any other item of clothing. That means they need to be durable, they need to be comfortable, and they need to be functional. The IQ from Flylow checks all those boxes and then some. These pants are designed specifically for backcountry travel, so they’re lightweight and durable. They utilize Polartec NeoShell technology, which is marketing-speak for “they breathe well on the skintrack and keep you dry when it’s dumping.” The IQ has just-big-enough thigh vents, so you can dump heat without letting Old Man Winter move in and set up camp. The pants are also simple, with just three pockets, but that doesn’t mean Flylow’s spared on attention to detail, with features like a Velcro-adjustable waistline (for when bacon season starts), sewn-in gaiters to keep snow out of your boots, and reinforced cuffs to minimize carnage. $375;

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