Bozeman Historski

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Bozeman Historski

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Huntsman III, Art

These days, it’s all about progress. But it’s tough to know where to go if we forget where we’ve come from. Here’s a look at some important dates in Bozeman’s skiing timeline. 

1900 – Michael Langohr, ranger for Hyalite Canyon, uses skis to patrol
1910 – Pine Hill area (Story Hills) is being used by skiers
1916 – Scandinavian men meet at Anderson’s Planing Mill on Rouse to discuss skiing
1937 – Bozeman Ski Club formed
1937 – Karst Ranch builds a tow lift and holds its first annual ski-jump contest
1939 – Bear Canyon ski area opens
1948 – Barney Rankin and Gib Widmer discover the bowls that would become Bridger Bowl via airplane; the next weekend, Gib and Kay Widmer climb and ski the area
1950s – Lionhead ski area near West Yellowstone operational
1955 – Bridger Bowl opens to the public in January
1957 – Karst Ranch burns down, ending ski activity there
1960 – NCAA meets at Bridger Bowl
1961 – Mt. Ellis Academy buys Bear Canyon—night skiing introduced
1964 – Bridger Bowl adds a chairlift
1973 – Big Sky opens; Ridge skiing open to the public at Bridger
1988 – Big Sky builds Challenger lift; Bohart Ranch opens to cross-country skiing
1993 – Saddle Mountain Ranch holds a Nordic ski race for the blind
1995 – Tram opens at Big Sky
2008 – Slushman’s lift opens at Bridger
2013 – Big Sky Resort purchases Spanish Peaks and Moonlight Basin
2020 – It stops snowing in Montana; everyone moves back to where they came from

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