Outlook - Summer 2013

Photo by Mark Weber

Outlook - Summer 2013

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Ryan Krueger

Enter the outdoors: a timeless arena. Where the unswayed earth reveals itself by sunlight on stone and wind sweeping through wooden fingers.

Climb up through forested mountainsides. Dance in the summer heat and mingle under clouds and treetops. Immerse yourself.

Getting out is an act of poise in which we choose to move forward, to step toward the edge. Accept the potential for a fall and embrace the unknown.

New experiences bring progress—movements upward or awry. They live out with the wild things in raw environments and open spaces. Seek them out.

Traipse upon the warm soil and wander out in search of an escapade. Touch each stone, twist with each turn in the trail. Blend in with untamed nature.

Move—onward and upward. On the tallest rock, look out and see what lies below, the distance now visible above the canopy. Recognize that the steps on the trail surpass the significance of the summit stone.

Challenge and travail: they are at the crux of progression and are found through feral wanderings. Witness the struggle and find elation on the course to success.

Go now. The vacant wilderness awaits.

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