Gregory Packs Salvo 24

Gregory Packs Salvo 24 Gear Review

Gregory Packs Salvo 24

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Tucker, David

I used to think having a daypack was unnecessary. “I’ll just use my ski pack or my bike pack,” I’d say. Now that I have the Salvo 24 from Gregory, I’ll be changing my tune, and it’ll be replacing all the other packs in my gear room. It’s big enough for extended day-hikes, organized enough for mountain-bike rides, and stable enough for heavy loads, which I tend to carry when I go alpine-lake fishing. For all its features, the Salvo is incredibly lightweight, unlike other sport-specific packs I previously used. Oversized hip-belt pockets give me easy access to snacks and other essentials, and several internal and external zippered compartments keep everything organized. There are also side-panel compression straps, which I plan on using as ski-carries come winter. Available at Bob Ward's. $115;

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