Fall 2003


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Mark Downey
The conventions of bird hunting distract the uninitiated from the sport’s finest points.People are always asking, “Did you get any?” As if that were the point. And bird hunters don’t help, showing around their snapshots of themselves in their dowdy brown coats and vests and so often holding out the... Details
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Megan Ault
Ski training a season ahead.Pre-season ski training. You’d never catch me even thinking about it during the pig-hot days of summer. Summer is for play: mountain biking, swimming, windsurfing, trail running without a watch—all of it, but by fall I’m ready for a little discipline. Perhaps it’s my way... Details
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Hostetler, Jeff
Flyfishing within the still clear waters of Ben Hart or Thompson spring creek, you would never realize that you also stood within a cattle ranch that has operated upon the barometric pressure of the rest of the world.The ranch, owned by the Milesnick family and operated by Tom and Mary Kay... Details


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Jeff Hostetler
Early fall is a temperamental time in Southwest Montana. As night temperatures ease into the 40s, the daytime thermometer might reach 80, but it might also plummet to 30. Snow might collect in the rocky couloirs, or anglers might squeeze 30-proof sunscreen on exposed arms and legs.Despite all this... Details
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Orem, Tina
There is a certain sickness involved in being a foodie.On a 100-degree summer day, I was fantasizing about French Onion Soup and rifling through the cabinets to see if I had the ingredients for Smoked Chicken and Corn Chowder, Caramel Rolls, and Flaming Oranges. I blame Seabring Davis (Livingston)... Details
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Shannon Kelley
Our days are much shorter now, the rays of sun have faded in intensity, and the blades of grass have lost their luster. Although the leaves of autumn have merely begun, winter calls to us from around the corner with a northern chill in the air. The Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations have gone... Details
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Huelsmeyer, Susanne
The wind has died and sunset is not far away now. Birds are trilling in the bushes while insects hum and buzz above the peaceful wetland. Here and there, a fish rises to snatch an unsuspecting fly for dinner. Ducks squawk sleepily from further upstream. Cody, the Black Lab who has been sitting... Details

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